Full Moon in Gemini – 2018

The Full Moon of the 23th November occurs at 0°51′ of Gemini (in London: the 23rd of November, 5 :39 am, in New York : the 23rd of November, 0: 39 am). In Astrology full moons signify the end of a 28 days’ cycle started at the previous new moon, respectively that of the 7th of November. They are also culmination points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging.

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Venus – Mars Trine: Balance and Reconciliation

The trine between Mars and Venus perfected on the 9th of November (Aquarius – Libra 26°)  indicate the possibility of a positive outlet for  the tensions bottled up during the 6 weeks of Venus retrograde.

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New Moon in Scorpio – 2018

New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon of the 7th of November occurs at 15°11 of Scorpio, at 04:02 pm (London, UK). The current lunation is not only the beginning of the usual 28 days cycle, but in a way it is a closure, too. Jupiter is on the last degree of Scorpio, and on the 8th of November will ingress its home, Sagittarius. By that time the moon will also be in the sign of the happy Archer.

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Sun – Venus Conjunction in Scorpio

The Sun – Venus conjunction perfects on the 26th of October, at Scorpio 3°06′. Sun is the principle of consciousness, vitality, creativity and – besides Saturn – one of the indicators of our main tasks. Any conjunction between the Sun and other planets will highlight the tasks related to that particular cosmic principle. Consecuently the current Sun – Venus meeting will put in focus the themes related to the retrograde journey of Venus through Scorpio.

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Message of the New Moon in Libra – 2018

New Moon Tarot - the "next step"

New Moon Tarot: the „Next Step” Spread

The guidelines of the Tarot regarding the „next step” indicated by the new moon in Libra. This four card spread gives useful insights about the priorities of the 28 days of the lunation started with the new moon of the 9th of October 2018 . Generally speaking, new moons are favourable for new beginnings, while full moons are culminantion points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging. The next full moon occurs on the 24th of October, while the new moon of the 8th of November marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

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New Moon in Libra – 2018

new moon in Libra - navaratra 2018

Relationships under scurtiny

The New Moon of the 9th of October ( 8th in the USA) occurs at the 15°47′ of Libra. New moons mark the beginnig of a new 28 day cycle, and the air sign of Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, beauty, fairness, and balance. While new moons are favourable for fresh starts, especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart, Venus, the ruler of the sign is retrograde. Thus the current lunation is more about the tasks and themes related to the retrograde phase : reviewing, revisiting, remodelling, regrouping, redoing.

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Digging Deep for the Truth

Pluto direct, Mercury – Pluto Square, Sun – Pluto square, Venus retrograde

To some extent October is about the relationships. It is about their re-evaluation, re-acession, transformation, about understanding the dynamics behind. Our deepest emotional and security needs are also scrutinised. The month started with a heavy tone. Pluto turned stationary direct on the 1st of October at 18°45 of Capricorn. Its square with Mercury has perfected on the same day. The topics represented by this challenging aspect will be highlighted during the upcoming Sun- Pluto square. (Don’t forget that Mercury associated with thinking processes, exchanges of information also is the messenger of gods. The Sun is the principle of the consciousness, the ego and that of the higher Self)

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Venus Retrograde through Scorpio and Libra – 2018

Wandering on a fiery road

Venus stations retrograde this year on the 5th of October and turns direct on the 16th of November. Her journey through Scorpio and Libra brings energy shifts and tasks in line with the charracter of the two signs. Certainly the way you’ll experience the retrograde depends on the areas of life the transit influences in your birth chart, your awareness as well as on your decisions made by your free will. Still there are some general traits and patterns….

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