Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Follow your bliss !

The full moon of the 31st of January 2018 is simultaneously a supermoon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse (blood moon). As such it is a rare phenomenon: the last total lunar eclipse which also was a blue moon, occured more than 150 years ago, in late March 1866.

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The Psychopompos and the Demon of Quicksilver

The challenging aspects Mercury forms this week indicate meaningful coincidences, breakdowns or breaktroughs in communication, weird situations, shift of views. They offer plenty of opportunities to experience trough synchronicities the archetype of Hermes as the messenger, the trickster and the psychopompos. The quality of these experiences depends on our level of awareness.

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The Tarot About the New Moon in Capricorn

The „Next Step” Spread

The guidelines of the Tarot regarding the „next steps” indicated by the new moon in Capricorn of the 17th of January I’ve been using this very effective four card Tarot spread for more than 14 years. It gives useful insights regarding the priorities of the 28 days of the lunar cycle started with the new moon Generally speaking, new moons are favourable for new beginnings, while full moons are culminantion points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging. The next full moon occurs on the 31th of January, while the new moon of the 15th of Februarymarks the beginning new lunar cycle.

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Jupiter – Pluto Sextile: Looking Inward for Help and Opportunities

The Jupiter – Pluto sextile, one of the key aspects of this year, became exact on the 15th of January. When the Fortuna Maior and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld join their power, the treasuries of the universe open up. The result is in minimum a lottery jackpot – at least according to the Astrological cookbooks. In reality the situation is more subtle. Although this beneficial aspect of the two planets can be really helpful, substantial efforts are needed to take advantage of it.

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New Moon in Capricorn

The new moon of the 16th of January (in the United States. In Europe and in Australia on the 17th) occurs at the 26°54′ of Capricorn. New moons mark the beginnings of a 28 day cycle and they are also favourable for fresh starts, especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart.With a stellium in the sign ( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto) the current one can be considered the peak of the Capricorn season.

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Are You a Good Catch Yourself ?

With more than 25 years of experience with Tarot and Astrology behind I’m quite familial with the question: „Will I start a new relationship soon?” Many people want nothing less than a perfect relationship, (see related article: Finding a Happy-Enough Relationship) but they are very surprised when I return the question: „Are you a perfect partner yourself?”

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