Finding a Happy-Enough Relationship

I don ‘t deny the existence of the soul-mates and twin flames. However, the current trends of spirituality overemphasize their importance. This, at a given moment becomes an obstacle in itself in establishing healthy relationships, as it sets Everest -sized expectations in all of us when we are looking for eligible partners.

I totally agree with the Psychologist and Life Coach John Pavlovitz, who wrote:

As a result of the Soulmate Lie, we kill nearly ourselves seeking perfection from others, we become hyper-sensitize to people’s flaws, we cut-bait and discard relationships whenever things turn less-than-ideal.(…) The Soulmate Lie keeps us perpetually in search of something better; that foot to fit the glass slipper, the cleft-chinned prince on horseback.

At a deeper level, the perpetual search for soul mates can be a warning sign that the individual has troubles with intimacy, as a matter of fact is reluctant to face the responsibility, commitment and sometimes hard work a real reletionship requires. Thus the wonderful Soul Mate Myth becomes a tool for escapism and helps people to find excuses to chase feelings and romance and ease and pleasure.

Fortunately the Astrology has tools for identifying the potential partners who, although they are neither „soul-mates” nor „twin-flames” are compatible enough with us for establishing a long term, commited relationships.

Thus, a Synastry reading with a competent and experienced Astrologer can succesfully identify whether your personality type, sexual and emotional needs, lifestyle, ways of self-expression, attitude to financies and other material matters, concepts about intimacy and security, your religious and other ideological views are in tune with those of the other person or not. Although not so romantic at a first glance, the similar attitude to these matters is essential for a long term relationship.

While Astrology can identify what type of person is best suited to you, this will not hone in on just one person in a universe of 7 billion people. Actually many people have the potential to be your partners. So instead of being carried away by the Hollywood -style stories of the only soul mate, adjust your expectations to the reality, and you will find yourself soon in a happy-enough relationship..

Simultaneously a compatibility reading can easily spot out those people, who seem to be your soulmates at the first sight (very often, consciously or unconsciously they help you to build up this delusional image about the relationship), only to get you disappointed later. The loose of the pink eyeglasses can be very bitter in such cases. Forewarned is forearmed, so when a blossoming relationship seems to be too good to be true. I strongly advise to contact an experienced Astrologer for reality-check. I’ll happily assist you to get clearity.