New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

The partial eclipse and new moon of the 15th of February falls on the 27°7′ of Aquarius. It will be visible only from Antarctica and small parts of Chile and Argentina, Falkland Islands. The eclipse is just 1°45′ away from being opposite the big total eclipse in Leo of last August 21st. Thus we can expect some developements both on a collective and personal level related to that one. The last time an eclipse occured around the same degree of Aquarius was on the 16th February 1999. Remembering the events related to it may help us to get an idea about the themes of the current celestial event.

While new moons mark the start of a new 28 day cycle and are generally favourable for new beginnings, solar eclipses emphasize the endings necessary before the fresh starts. These can be sometimes quite dramatic and sudden. Things can skip out of control, and the adjustments we make are often the result of a certain extent of pressure and frustration. Still leaving the comfort zone can be rewarding over a long term, as the closures related to the eclipses make way for new beginnings.

According to traditional Astrology the eclipses exercise the strongest influence over their places of visibility. However, they will influence everybody on the areas of life where they fall on personal birthcharts. The eclipse of the 15th of February will have the strongest impact on people with Sunsign and other personal planets in Aquarius, Aquarius rising in birthchart or solar chart. People with planets or Ascendant in Leo, Scorpio and Taurus are likely to experience significant transformations, too. Depending on the individual, the tasks are different, as every birth chart is different. (Thus only and only an in -depth chart analysis will give relevant information about the nature of adjustments and transformations triggered by the eclipse on individual level.) The events related to an eclipse may play out some weeks before and after the eclipse, but there are occasions when we the result manifests only some months later. Sometimes eclipses work more in the background, their influence is subtler and more difficult to identify.

new moon and partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, 15th of February 2018, London, 9:05 pm

Generally speaking the events related to the current eclipse will direct our attention in one way or another towards the analogies of the Aquarius sign. Aquarius is about the collective, the ideals, friends, supporters, social concerns, group activities. The eclipse falls in the vecinity of the South Lunar Node (14°56′) Aquarius, associated with the past and letting go-s. Thus the importance of closures and transformations attributed to the eclipses is even more emphasized. Aquarius is a detached sign in itself.

The current eclipse helps us examine our relationship with our friends and the groups where we belong (from facebook groups to different political, social organisations ). Who they are ? Are they helping us to be ourselves or, by contrary, we have to surpress our individuality ? Do they truly appreciate who we are ? Do we still share the same ideals, values and visions for the future ? What can be the reason if we feel somehow alienated from the people once we felt a sense of belonging and we feel drawn to other groups ? Are our current social connections and activities mutually nourishing, or they are only energy-drainers and time wasters keeping us away from our real tasks ? Are our former perceptions and ideas grounded in reality, do they serve our growth or are they blocking us from getting a clear picture ?

Although Aquarius is considered to be an individualist and a rulebreaker, it is also a fixed sign. Thus during the current lunation it will be difficult to let go the old mindsets, group identities or friendships keeping us away from becoming who we really are. Additionally, the revelations triggered by the events and experiences related to the eclipse may be unpleasant at first. Thinking outside the box may direct our attention to certain things we dont’t want to see. However facing them can be very rewarding, as they may direct us towards the people, causes, projects matching better to the current station of our soul’s evolutionary path.


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