New Moon in Aries

The New Moon of the 16 th of April ( 01:57 UTC, 02:57 am London ) occurs on 26° of Aries, in close approach with Uranus. New Moons are regarded beginnings of 28 day cycles, while Uranus is associated with freedom, revolts, renewal, thinking outside the box, awakenigs.

The close approach of Uranus to the New Moon in the pioneering sign of Aries emphasizes the importance of breaking new ground and pushing into the unknown, even if this means to step away from the safe side of the road. These new starts are related to the areas of life where it falls on your birth chart. Mercury the planet of communication, mental processes, travels turns direct on the 4°48′ of Aries on the same day indicating that things will start moving forward. However, the square between the Aries stellium and Mars and Pluto in Capricorn warn that these changes will not occur that smoothly.

The most important task of the current lunation is to face the challenge, make the necessary breakthroughs even if they require to leave your comfort zone, but do not throw away the baby with the water. Thankfully the Earth trines between the planets in Capricorn (Mars, Pluto) and Taurus (Venus) will give the groundedness and realistic approach necessary for beneficial changes. You can create now a stabile ground for growth. The results of your efforts will be long lasting, although they may take more time than initially planned. (Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th of April).

New Moon in Aries, 16th of April, 2018, 02:57 am London

The Sun – Uranus conjunction perfects on the 18th of April, two after the new moon. The meeting between the planet of creativity, conscious mind (Sun) and the cosmic Awakener (Uranus) puts your individuality in focus. It will help you figure out: which kind of renewals are needed, where do you need more independence and freedom, which paths will help you to develop your true potential and talents.

Uranus is a non-conventional planet, prefering excitement and quick changes. It is spontaneous and idealistic : it doesn’t pay too much attention to the details and the consequences. This also applies to the action – orientated, hot – headed Aries. The Sun – Uranus alignment in this passionate fire sign will give you strong impulses to break free from routines and „follow your bliss” (as Joseph Campbell said who had a potent stellium in Aries).

However Mars, the ruler of Aries (and thus the New Moon’s) is in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn represents a completely different form of energy: it slows down, imposes discipline, sets boundaries and rules, and it submits you to different tests and reality checks before it lets you go further. Saturn is also associated with duties, responsibilities and the time – factor. Mars is the planet of action and self assertivity: it is essential to put our plans in practice.

As Saturn is at home, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and Pluto is in this sign since 2008 Capricorn energy is stronger than the Aries energy. However, as Sun is exalted in Aries and hot – headedness, risk-taking, acting on impulses, breaking the rules are common traits of Uranus and Aries, the fireworks generated by the Ram -energy are more spectaculous. This combination of Capricorn and Aries energy doesn’t mix very well.

Worst case and best case scenarios:

However, the way it will play out in your life depends on your awareness and free will. Changes may occur either because you generate them or they may be triggered by circumstances beyond your control.

At its worst the energy of this new moon can make you restless and impatient. It can push you to take unnecessary risks, rebel against traditions and authority figures without discerning whether your discontent is justified or not. Heated up arguments, power games can destroy good prospects of progress. This combination is also very accident prone. (The hypersensitive Moon is vulnerable in Aries – an other warning sign: do not jump into things without being prepared to face the consequinces. )

At its best your innovating spirit will be combined with a practical approach. You will be still motivated to break new grounds, step on paths giving you more freedom, creativity and inspiration. You will be willing to do this even if you must leave your comfort zone and veer into uncharted territories. However you will not burn up all of your bridges. Awareness, paying attention to the details, a permanent reality – check, hard work, patience and good timing will smoothen up significantly this transition.

Although not exact any more, Mars, the ruler of the new moon trines Venus. The significator of values, self esteem, love, social contacts, finances is at home in Taurus, indicating that such efforts will bring long lasting benefits. The trine between Venus and Pluto perfects on the 17th of April, making the Capricorn – Taurus Earth trine more potent. This is a perfect alignment for investments, professional and financial success -as far as you are prepared to follow your goals persistently, you are not afraid to make efforts and quality work. This aspects are indicators of intense, sensual relationship, sexual attractiveness. Instead of getting involved in troublesome (sometimes obsessed) affairs – which is also possible at this formations, make efforts to build up a solid relationship. The chance is given.