New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon of the 13th of June occurs at the 22°44′ of Gemini. New moons mark the beginnings of a 28 day cycle and they are also favourable for fresh starts, setting new goals, launching new projects – especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart.

The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental activity, communication, travel, commerce. It is a transmitter and a receiver of information and knowledge. A new moon in this sign can be great for starting new studies (courses of foreign languages, marketing, tourism, journalism are recommended), rebranding your image, networking, traveling, contacting your aquintances, making new friends, socialising, launching advertising campaigns, etc.

New Moon in Gemini, 13th of June 2018, London 8:43 pm

The current new moon conjuncts five beneficial fixed stars ( Bellatrix, Capella, Phact, Mintaka, El Nath). The impact of Capella is the strongest. According to Vivianne Robson, the author of The Fixed Stars, this is a fortunate celestial body in the Charioteer constellation, associated with wealth, honour, eminent friends, successful journeys. Hovewer, a new moon conjuncting Capella can make one restless, quarellsome, changeable, misunderstood.

The waning square between the new moon and Neptune may amplify these less desirable qualities of the fixed star. Gemini is easy to be distracted; superficiality and lack of persistence may also be an issue.While the outgoing Gemini understands the power of social networking, do your best to avoid gossiping or indiscrecy. If you experience it from others, it’s fine to set your boundaries. The challenging aspect with the Neptune calls for extra dose of mindfulness to avoid self – delusion, confusion, misunderstandings, escapist attitude, self-sacrifice, martyrdom.

The inconjunct between the new moon and Pluto emphasises the need of adjustments so that you can really benefit from the fortunate influence of the fixed stars. Groundedness, focus, practical approach, patience, commitment, self-sufficiency are some blessings of the Capricorn Pluto enabling you to make the most of this lucky lunation.

The influence of the Jupiter – Neptune trine perfected for the second time on the 25th of May is strong in the new moon chart, giving excellent opportunity to make something tangible from your creative visions. Your inner voice or a psychic reading can give you guidance, too. Although not perfect, the trine between Saturn and Uranus enables you to make changes while keeping the useful elements of the old structures. A fresh approach of the old problems will bring breaktroughs.