New Moon in Pisces 2018

The new moon of the 17th of March occurs on 27° Pisces, at 1:11 pm (London). New moons mark the beginnings of new 28 day cycles but they can signify longer term processes, too. During the current lunation the quest for new paths is likely to be generated by some pressure, frustration. Still the changes you make will serve your long term benefit. Thus you will leave behind gradually the role of the victim and become the hero of your own story.

The new moon conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer and squares Mars in Sagittarius. The energy of the pushy, blunt and euphoric Sagittarius doesn’t mix very well with the vulnerability and introversion of the Pisces. Additionaly the square between Mars and Moon shows irritability, moodiness, low energy level, resentment, anger, reactions on impulse, hypersensitivity and heated up arguments. However you have to know that pushing harder to make it better will not work this time. This is definitely not the right occasion to get involved in disputes, as your emotions overrule common sense and you can interpret a simple difference of opinion as provocation.You may experience such attitude from the people you interact with.

You can cause damages to yourself, if you jump to conclusion, or you rush to the battlefild too early, without being properly prepared. You need to understand: waiting, gathering strength doesn’t mean thay you are giving it up. Mars will change sign in some hours time after the new moon. The planet of action, self-assertion and vitality is strong and effective in Capricorn. From here on you will be able to handle better the challenges. (The Mars – Uranus trine perfected on the 11th of March is still feelable, and it can bring quick and unexpected ways to solve some troublesome situations. However, if you are looking for lasting results, you need to adopt a strategical approach, pay attention to the details, exercise patience and get practical – the traits of a Capricorn Mars.)

New Moon in Pisces, 17th of March, 1:11 pm (London)


It is very likely that you’ll have to wait untill the new moon of the 16th April with the more spectaculous, outward movements. By then things will be more crystallized and you’ll be more aware of your true motivations, limits and possibilities. Still you can make a significant progress during the current lunation if you dedicate yourself to regeneration (both on physical, emotional and mental level) and gaining back your balance. You’ll have to make some efforts to recognise the repeating patterns behind the current events. (A lot of confusing situations are related to the challenging Pisces stellium of February, having an impact in the chart of the partial solar eclipse of the middle of last month. Since the current one is the first new moon after the eclipse, it is very important to put together the picture and come to the right conclusions. )

Your dreams can give you important clues about your current tasks, your potentials, the real nature of your relationships and how your everydsay interactions and activities prompt or block your progress. So, if you haven’t started yet, it’s high time to write them down and start working with them. Although not exact, the trine between the retrograde Jupiter and the new moon will increase your sensitivity and intuition. In the same time the fixed nature of Scorpio will prevent you from falling in the typical Pisces – traps (distortion of your view of reality, escapist attitudes prompted by drugs, alcohol and other types of addiction.) The sextile of Pluto with the Jupiter (this is a long lasting aspect) and with the new moon (this is temporary) will give you the opportunity for strong reality- checks essential to distinguish the authentic inner experiences, the genuine voice of wisdom from the sheer products of fantasy. You will be also willing to make tangible efforts, work hard to make your dreams come true, pay attention to the details, exercise patience.

This new moon is an ideal opportunity to adopt a healthier diet, break up with self-intoxicating habits, including the victim/saviour relationship-games, too. The detoxification process started during the Virgo full moon of the 2nd of March will continue and will intensify. Different types of inner cleansing like fasting, practicing Yoga, meditation, as well us cleaning up our environment, getting rid of the inner and outer garbage are very beneficial now – and will bring changes in the outer world, too.

Although you may not need to take outer steps right now (or you may not be in a position to do it), in some weeks’ time you will need to take action. The sextiles the new moon and Jupiter makes with the Pluto suggest, that deep transformations are needed on the areas of life connected by these aspects in your chart. You must play an active part in them, even though they take time, they push you out of your comfort zone and they may involve giving up certain attitudes, habits, relationships which don’t serve your progress any more. Maybe you need exactly the punches and kicks of the hard aspects of the current new moon to stand up and leave gradually behind the role of the victim so that you become the hero of your own story.



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