Jupiter Direct, Mercury Back in Leo, Uranus Retrograde – August 2019

Prior to the full moon in Aquarius on the 14th of August some important energy shifts occurred : Jupiter turned stationary direct (on the 11th of August, Sagittarius 14°30), Mercury re-entered Leo (the 11th of August), Uranus turned stationary retrograde ( the 12th of August, Taurus 6°)

Jupiter turned stationary direct. During the retrograde phases of Jupiter we focus on inner development. The need to stop for a while and evaluate whether our beliefs, ideologies, longer term goals are in line with our growth sometimes manifest in impasses forcing us to take a break and make the necessary adjustments. Traditionally Jupiter retrogrades are not very good for getting involved in financial projects, starting new studies, far- distance travels. They are much more favorable for exploring and developing the deeper qualities of spirituality, beliefs, confidence, knowledge, optimism.

However, when Jupiter goes direct, things will speed up and we can benefit from what we learnt during the previous months. Jupiter went stationary retrograde on the 10th of April this year, at 24°21 Sagittarius. It was quite a difficult transit, as it made a conjunction with the malevolent fixed star Lesath, and it was simultaneously a part of the mutable T-square causing so much instability and confusion during spring and early summer.

Jupiter direct stationary, the 11th of August 2019, London- UK, 02: 38 pm

The chart of Jupiter direct stationary ( 02:38 pm UK) looks much better. The trines of Jupiter with the Sun and Venus are still on effect. As described in the related article, these are beneficial aspects, favorable for growth, expansion and gains. However, laziness, over-spending, over-indulging may create problems.

The Yod aspect pattern between Sun and Venus in Leo, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces is also prominent in this chart. Jupiter also makes a delusive square with Neptune.Thus extra awareness, self- discipline and practical approach is needed to make the most of the abundance and opportunities of growth the beneficial trines offer.

Mercury will transit Leo between the 11th – 29th of August. This influence will help creative self- expression. We can impress people with our passionate words, inspiration and vivid imagination. However, bombastic style, arrogance, pushiness, ego-trips are extremes to be avoided.

Uranus will be retrograde from the 12th of August  until 11th of January 2020. The planet of unpredictability, surprises, sudden changes, revolution expresses itself in a more moderate way during its backward motion. The retrograde periods of Uranus may indicate turning points in situations involving issues of spontaneity, freedom, breaking free of old patterns, rebellion and expressing our personal uniqueness. However the days when Uranus changes direction can be quite erratic and disruptive, especially that this year Mercury is about to make a square with it. This challenging aspect of 90° will perfect on the 16th of August and it can be the big bang with which Mercury exits its retrograde zone. Changes should be made with commonsense and caution !


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