Mars – Jupiter Trine – 2019

The trine between Mars and Jupiter Rx perfects on the 25th of July on the 14°57 of Leo/Sagittarius. It is a very beneficial transit, which blows away the storm clouds of the previous weeks.  Mars – Jupiter aspects in transit are on effect for cca 3 weeks (9-10 days before and after the perfection) You can take advantage of this energy for further 8 -9 days.

Mars is our vital energy, drive, stamina and self-assertiveness. It is also the planet of aggression and war. Martian qualities are in tune with the passionate nature of Leo. Jupiter is the principle of growth, generosity, luck, faith, expansion, higher perspective. It is at home in Sagittarius, the sign of idealism, faith, opportunity, journeys. Both Mars and Jupiter are fiery planets while Leo and Sagittarius fire signs. This double dose of fire indicate inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity and optimism.

The harmonious aspects of Mars and Jupiter are associated with self confidence, good luck, competitive spirit, big achievements, successful actions. However, especially if they occur in fire signs, there can be a lot of hot air. Excesses, impulsivity, restlessness, foolish risk-taking, careless spending are their downsides.

To make the most of this transit it is essential to know, that the so- called luck associated with it is the result of strong self belief based on genuine knowledge and real efforts. Your intentions must be honest and good. Also you have to believe in your projects and goals. Thus your enterprising spirit, persuasive power and passion will help you to gain support or achieve them by your own. Opportunities will emerge or you will create them for yourself.

As Jupiter is retrograde, your current success is likely the result of your past efforts. Some projects launched earlier or your past initiatives may bring unexpected progress. Apart of Jupiter there are four more retrograde planets: Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. This is a strong indication that instead of launching new projects you’d better make some adjustments on the previous ones.

Apart of the mental stimuli, flowing Mars – Jupiter aspects give stamina, physical energy. The energy of the current fire trine can be channeled in a healthy way by sports. If you don’t like workouts, intense dancing is a great alternative. Thus you can create harmony between your intellect and your physical strength.

However there will be some brakes on the opportunities, as Mars makes an inconjunct with Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This is together a Yod formation, aka. The Finger of God. This planetary aspect pattern is associated with instability and difficult adjustments. This doesn’t negate the positive Jupiterian influences, but it means that for a successful achievement practical details must be taken into consideration. Results come with time – especially if the creative ideas are combined with hard work.