Mutable T-Squares: End of Spring – Early Summer – 2019

By the end of the spring and beginning of the summer, then at the end of August and during September this year we will have to do with a series of mutable T-squares. The challenges indicated by them are likely to remove us from our comfort zones, urging us to find creative solutions. Our efforts and resourcefulness will open new ways of growth. Certainly on a personal level the scenarios will be influenced by our awareness and our decisions made by free will.

T- squares are aspect patterns occurring between (at least) three planets or horoscope angles. Two of the components form an opposition, while the third part makes two squares (aspects of 90°) with them. This third planet/angle is called focal- or apex planet/angle. T squares are very unstable formations, pulling us in different directions. They are associated with activity, stress, often conflicts, but there is also the possibility of growth. The tensions they create remove us from our comfort zones, so we are forced to take action to restore the balance. This can lead to creative solutions and new opportunities. However handling the turmoil generated by the T-squares requires courage, resourcefulness, flexibility and ability to handle pressure. At their worst T-squares can indicate frustrations and they can involve the individual in needless conflicts.

Mutable T- squares are stimulating, mentally challenging configurations but they can be taxing to the nervous system (often due to over stimulation). They can produce frequent changes of mind, bouncing between topics, restlessness, hyperactivity, lack of focus. Without stabilizing factors they can indicate a lack of consistent or practical applications of energy and effort. According to Bil Tierney (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis) , these type of T- squares can attract relationships whose conflicts center around contrasting ideas and opposing concepts about life.

The first set of  mutable T- squares : 2019 April, May, June

The first set of mutable T-square builds up  during this spring and early summer, when the personal planets transiting Gemini join the Jupiter – Neptune square. This is the topic of the current post. Mars transited Gemini this year between the 31 st of March – 16th of May, Sun the 21st of May – 21st of June, Mercury 21st of May – 4th of June, Venus the 10th of June – 3rd of July.

During this period tensions may raise between different ways of :

  • acquiring knowledge and orientation in the world ( intellectual effort, logic, experience vs. beliefs, visions)
  • forms of information processing (eg. analytical, logical vs. synthetic, inspired, intuitive)

We will have to examine, how our theories work in practice, how our belief systems, ideologies, visions relate to consensual reality. Moral considerations and ethical principles may come up against practical considerations, and short-term interests cannot always be coordinated with the long-term ones. It may also be a good question whether our powerful internal experiences are anticipations of future opportunities and problems, or sheer products of wishful thinking, worries, unresolved issues. Our views and circumstances are likely to go through multiple changes during the coming weeks. We can experience the same from the part of other people, too.

As described in the previous post, Gemini season is a period of transition, duality and fast-moving information. It is centered around the specialties of the sign: communication and exchange of information. Social contacts and intellectual pursuits are more important now than the solid practicalities of life.

The first mutable T-square occurred while Mars was in Gemini. It built up by the end of April and it perfected around the 5th of May. It was an important part of the Taurus New Moon chart. As the principle of self-assertion, drive, aggression Mars is known as a triggerer in Astrology. Thus certain themes related to the T-squares may have emerged during those days. (These can differ from person to person depending on the houses connected by the T-square in your chart.)

The second mutable T- square occurs between Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces. Mercury squared Neptune on the 29th of May, at 18°of Gemini – Pisces and on the 30th of May it made an opposition with Jupiter Rx. Mercury is the planet ruling the thinking processes, different forms of mental activity, communication, learning and travel. Jupiter is associated with higher understanding, our faith, beliefs, opportunities of growth, abundance and Neptune rules the collective unconscious. It is the planet of dreams, illusions, delusions and confusion. As all three planets are in their own signs, so this is a potent alignment. Watch for meaningful coincidences, events, insights occurring during this days as they may be help you to decipher the message these cosmic influences carry for you. Simultaneously don’t forget that Mercury and Neptune are the tricksters and shapeshifters of the Cosmos, while Jupiter is gullible and prone to blow everything out of proportions.

The third mutable T square occurs when Sun in Gemini opposes Jupiter Rx (10th of June) in Sagittarius and squares Neptune in Pisces (9th of June). As Sun is associated with the self and its expression, our conscious ego, vitality and our creative force, and its opposition with Jupiter Rx marks the half of the retrograde period, these days can be important moments of revelation.

The fourth mutable T square perfects on the 22nd -23-rd of June, when Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (on the 18- 19°of the signs. In Astrology Venus is the significator of our intimate and other types of relationships, the way we are connected with others and the way we draw people: lovers, friends, associates – in our lives. Also, it is associated with beauty, art, balance, harmony, pleasure, desire, fairness, diplomacy, finances, possessions, values, security. The transits of Venus are generally centered around the themes of relationships and associations. When it is a part of a mutable T-square, the motifs of choice points and love triangles are quite common. Issues related to finance, security, self-esteem, and values may also be dealt with. With Neptune involved, if something seems to be too good to be true, it should be handled extra carefully.


Illustration : Tomasz Setowsky

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