Summer Solstice 2019

The summer solstice occurs on the 21th of June, when the Sun enters Cancer. On the Northern hemisphere this marks the beginning of the summer. Solstices and equinoxes were celebrated in all of the Ancient cultures of the world, as they are important turning points of the year. They also have an Astrological significance, the summer solstice chart gives an insight in the opportunities, challenges and tasks of the period up to the Autumn Equinox.

At the summer solstice, we have the longest day and the shortest night of the year. We hit the mid year point so it is time to reflect. Cancer is the sign of family, nurturing, deep emotions. It is the natural ruler of the IV th house, the area of life associated with our roots, our past, our home. As such, Cancer season is a great opportunity for nourishing our inner child, evaluating our relationships, connecting with our loved ones.

However a cardinal opposition between Mercury, Mars in Cancer, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn indicates intense challenges on different areas of life ( family, personal relationships, business, career). The tensions related to this aspect pattern culminated between the 11th -20th of June. Although during July we will still have to work with the issues brought to surface during the previous two weeks, the summer solstice chart indicates significant release from the pressure.

Summer Solstice – Sun ingresses Cancer, the 21th of June 2019, 04 : 55 pm London

(During the solar eclipse of the 2nd of July and the lunar eclipse of the 15th of July the cardinal opposition will be a part of the equation. Mars and Mercury will be replaced by the Sun by then. Among other things Sun represents our identity and consciousness. Its sign, house placement and the aspects it makes with other planets – both in natal charts and transits raise our awareness about the themes related to the particular planets and areas of life.)

The conjunction between Mercury and Mars, perfected on the 18th of June is a mixed blessing. When the planet of intellect and communications (Mercury) meets the planet of assertiveness and aggression, words can cut as swords (even in the case of the gentle Cancer). People can get obsessed with the past, including the past mistakes.From the other hand such conjunction indicates increased mental activity. This, combined with the excellent intuition of the sign gives the possibility of deep analysis, research and of understanding our and other people’s emotional patterns, drives, motivations, needs.

Pluto is associated with subconscious, crises, transformations, secrets and taboos. Instead of sugar coating the Lord of the Underworld reveals the truth in a ruthless way. Saturn, aka the Lord of Karma is related to limits, restrictions, surpression, boundaries, discipline. With planets in Cancer these truths can be related with the darker side of the family, with some outdated patterns of behavior and attitudes we inherited from our parents. Mercury and Mars in Cancer are emotional, sensitive – at their worst moody, needy, irritable and prone to make mountains from molehills. It is not easy to handle this combination – so the mildening influence of Neptune is a real blessing.

Neptune is an outer planet, associated with the collective unconscious, the realms of dreams and fantasies. If it is not well grounded, it can bring illusions, delusions and confusion. Now it trines Mercury and Mars and sextiles Saturn and Pluto. (Its sextile with Saturn, a significant stabilizing and grounding force during almost the whole year perfected for the second time on the 18th of June.) Thus tension can be channeled trough creative activity (especially painting), meditation, practicing yoga. Dreams can be vivid and they can give guidance about the future potentials, about the adjustments necessary to handle the challenges indicated by the cardinal oppositions.

Neptune goes retrograde on the same day, at the 18 degrees of Pisces until November 27. This energy shift sharpens our intuition and makes us more perceptive to our inner wisdom. However, it makes difficult to distinguish genuine gut feelings from wishful thinking and daydreaming. As I mentioned above and in other articles, Neptune needs strong reality check and grounding. Now the danger of self- delusion is particularly high as the Jupiter – Neptune square, an other major aspect of 2019 perfected for the second time on the 16th of June.

Neptune is the apex planet of a mutable T-square between Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius. Actually we have this changeable energy since the end of April/beginning of May, as planets transiting Gemini (Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus) joined the Jupiter – Neptune square creating this aspect pattern again and again. The fourth mutable T square perfects on the 22nd -23-rd of June, when Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (on the 18- 19°of the signs, but it is strong in the summer solstice chart.

In Astrology Venus is the significator of our intimate and other types of relationships, the way we are connected with others and the way we draw people: lovers, friends, associates – in our lives. Also, it is associated with beauty, art, balance, harmony, pleasure, desire, fairness, diplomacy, finances, possessions, values, security. The transits of Venus are generally centered around the themes of relationships and associations. When it is a part of a mutable T-square, the motifs of choice points and love triangles are quite common. Issues related to finance, security, self-esteem, and values may also be dealt with. With Neptune involved, if something seems to be too good to be true, it should be handled extra carefully

The Moon is in the future- orientated Aquarius, a sign associated with the collective, the ideals, freedom, independence, innovations, revolutions, projects, friends, supporters, social concerns, group activities, broader perspective. It’s intellectual and friendly detached approach is a real blessing amidst the roller – coaster of the cardinal opposition.

Moon trines Venus in Gemini and sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius indicating, that original approach, sense of humor, willingness to learn and innovate, keeping the healthy distance will enable us to use the tensions in a constructive way. This will help us achieve our goals and still enjoy the summer.

Although is not easy, it is very rewarding to make the energies of these potent configurations work for us and not against our best interests. Since every chart is different the possible solutions are different from each individual. However there are some general hints which will help you to handle the challenge:

Listen to your intuition. Write down your dreams. Some creative activity (especially painting, drawing) will release sufficient energy to make the necessary changes. (Don’t forget, the cardinal opposition involving Saturn and Pluto is a very dynamic formation, removing you from the comfort zone. Certain changes are unavoidable to restore the balance. Preferably these changes are proactive and are coming from your side before outer circumstances are forcing you.) Your gut feeling will help you with timing. Keeping yourself busy with the creative activities recommended above will prevent you from getting agitated and getting involved in unnecessary power struggles. Yoga, tai -chi, meditation can also be helpful to maintain your inner balance instead of being carried away by extremes. Thus you can make safely the changes necessary for your inner and outer growth.


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