Windows of Opportunity: Sun and Venus Trine Jupiter – 2019

The days between the 5th – 14th of August are among the luckiest ones of 2019. They are hallmarked by the trines of Sun and Venus with Jupiter. The Greater Benefic will turn stationary direct on the 11th of August, so from here on you can move forward with your plans of growth and expansion. However, you need to be grounded and willing to work with the opportunities emerging to make the best of these lucky alignments.

Leo is about creativity, passion, confidence, playfulness, risk- taking, individuality, showing off our talents. So when there are more planets in this sign is the best time for stepping into spotlight, starting new projects, following your bliss. During this summer we not only have a stellium in Leo (Mars, Sun, Venus and from the 11th of August Mercury) but these planets make some harmonious aspects, trines with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic. We already experienced the blessings of the Mars – Jupiter trine (perfected on the 26 th of July), but the lucky serial is not over yet.

The Sun – Jupiter trine perfects on the 7th of August on the 14°31 of Leo – Sagittarius. As both planets are in their own signs their effect is stronger. You can take advantage of this beneficial influence 6 – 7 days before and after the date of perfection. The harmonious Sun-Jupiter transits boosts your confidence and self esteem. They are called lucky transits as they enable you to see opportunities and possibilities more clearly. By understanding the bigger picture it is easier to find new meanings in the events that unfold around you. They also create good opportunities for broadening your horizons and general knowledge through study and long distance travels. As it is holiday time, trips will provide enjoyment.

However it is essential to keep in mind that trines can make you too passive (not to say lazy). With Jupiter involved you can take the good things for granted and you will not feel motivated to make efforts and take action. Thus you can miss the opportunity. Arrogance, exaggerated self – confidence, too much hot air may also be an issue.

Sun trine Jupiter, the 7th of August 2019, 08 : 23 am, London, UK

As Venus is considered the Lesser Benefic while Jupiter the Greater Benefic in Astrology, their flowing (certain types of conjunction, sextiles and trines) aspects are among the best influences. The Venus – Jupiter trine will perfect on the 8th of August on the 14°30 of Leo, and you can enjoy the beneficial influence for 4 – 5 days before and after the perfection.

This is a generous transit, favorable for social life, heart matters, financial gains. It makes easier to gain support – so if you need sponsorship for your projects is a great opportunity to look around. Lucrative job offers, business partnerships may also emerge during these days. Harmonious Venus – Jupiter transits are considered ideal opportunities for weddings, engagements, celebrations. If other factors of your chart indicate so, you may get involved in a happy, long- lasting relationship. The existing one also benefits from this transit, as it settles discords and re-creates the romantic atmosphere. Yet there are some downsides of this transit, as it can prompt you to overindulge, spend much more than you can afford, get involved in unthought love affairs. Passivity (laziness) may also prevent you from taking the necessary practical steps for improving your financial situation, making your projects work, etc .

So far so good. However, there are some other influences which must be taken in consideration if you want to have the whole picture. They indicate that in spite of the great opportunities, miracles should not be expected.

Venus is too close to the Sun, so it is „burnt” (combust) by it. When a planet is closer than 8° to the Sun, it is made „invisible” by the powerful solar energy, so its qualities alter. In case of Venus this can manifest in issues of self-esteem, troubled relationships and it may have an impact on financials, too. (With Venus in Leo watch for fallibilities specific to the planet and the sign: overspending, narcissism, egoism, lack of discipline, excessive debauchery, power games, etc).

Sun and Venus in Leo inconjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Due to their retrograde movement, the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto – an emblematic aspect of 2019 – 2020 has loosened up by now. This is a significant relief. However personal planets transiting Leo make inconjuncts with both of them: the Sun – Saturn quincunx perfect on the 8th, the Venus – Saturn quincunx on the 9th. These aspects of 150° indicate tensions and irritations, since the signs involved have qualities that are too different. As Howard Sasportas puts it:

„…the quincunx produces a highly ambivalent relationship between two planets. There is enough attraction in it to sometimes generate a feeling of deep harmony, and each planet brings the best out of the other one. But then all of a sudden the harmony falls apart – rather like a relationship which sometimes feels absolutely right and beautiful but which then suddenly, for no apparent reason, degenerates into quarreling and conflict”. Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas: The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality

Therefore, tasks and ticking deadlines cannot be forgotten for a second. While you are charging your batteries after the roller coasters of the past few months, you need to develop workable plans and strategies for the future. The opportunities are good, but not as much as they seem at first. Tools and resources are limited, and the time is too short.

Along the beneficial influences of the trines we also have to deal with the impact of Jupiter – Neptune square, a dominant aspect of 2019. This may prompt us for daydreaming, getting lost in wishful thinking, illusions and self delusion. Planets in Leo also make inconjuncts with Neptune in Pisces. Thus further Yod aspect patterns build up, involving Sun and Venus in Leo, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This energy will be with us for the rest of the week, and we must take it in consideration while interpreting the trines. In short, we will have the stick and carrot effect.

„In general, the Yod can create a fair amount of friction and tension in your life, and you may feel fated by it… The planet at the apex seems to bear the brunt of the Yod. However, as with the quincunx, sometimes the three energies brought together by a Finger of Fate [Yod] can combine quite brilliantly with one another, but you also have to endure the three energies combining in such a way as to create significant troubles and tensions as well”. Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas : The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality

So while you are enjoying the benefits of the trines you also have fate at play. This time Sun and Venus in Leo are the apex planets. Yods (especially when combined with elements of the birth chart) represent turning points, when your life will undergo changes. The universe is pointing its finger on you during these days to ask: how will you use the sources and the opportunities given by the Sun – Jupiter, Venus – Jupiter trines.

It is your responsibility to make the most of them. While these days are more favorable for resting and enjoying the blessings of the summer than overachieving, make sure that you do the adjustments required by the Yod aspect-patterns. These can differ from person to person, depending where they fall on your chart. However, there is a common trait: it would be a huge mistake with far-reaching consequences to let passivity, laziness, overindulgence prevent you from using the full potential of these lucky transits.

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