Venus Retrograde through Scorpio and Libra – 2018

Wandering on a fiery road

Venus stations retrograde this year on the 5th of October and turns direct on the 16th of November. Her journey through Scorpio and Libra brings energy shifts and tasks in line with the charracter of the two signs. Certainly the way you’ll experience the retrograde depends on the areas of life the transit influences in your birth chart, your awareness as well as on your decisions made by your free will. Still there are some general traits and patterns….

In Astrology Venus is the significator of our intimate and other types of relationships, the way we are connected with others and the way we draw people: lovers, friends, associates – in our lives. It also is associated with beauty, art, balance, harmony, love, pleasure, desire, fairness, diplomacy, finances, possessions, values, security.

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The retrograde cycles of Venus occur in each one and ½ years. Retrograde cycles repeat themselves, in case of Venus in 8 years’ time. This means that Venus retrograded for the last time in Scorpio and Libra in 2010. Remembering the events and experiences related to the transit of the second half of 2010 will help us to figure out main themes and motifs of the current cycle.

Venus stations retrograde this year on the 5th of October and turns direct on the 16 th of November. At the beginning of the current cycle Venus transits Scorpio, then on the 31st of October revisits Libra. It will turn direct on the 16th of November at 25° of Libra. It will re- enter Scorpio on the 2nd of December. However, the retrograd phase is a much longer period, as it has started on the 3rd th of September when Venus entered in the retrograde shadow (at Libra 25°). It will last until the 18th of December, when Venus will leave the shadow (at 10° Scorpio). Her journey through the two signs brings energy shifts and tasks in line with the charracter of Scorpio and Libra.

Retrogrades of Venus in Scorpio can be very intense. Certainly the way they play out depends on the areas of life they influence in your birth chart, your awareness as well as on your decisions made with your free will. A comprehensive reading can give guidance how to make the most of it. However there are certain general traits and patterns. By understanding them you can reduce the drama and you can use the coming 40 days for soulsearching and learning about yourself. Thus you will be able to assert more effectively your deepest needs. Gradually you’ll be able to set healthier boundaries to eliminate from your life behaviors and relationship dynamics that aren’t good for you.

Journey on the burnt pathway

The current retrograde is going to be a challenging transit, as it will occur on Via Combusta, the so called “burnt pathway”, “burned road”. This is the area between 15°Libra and 15° Scorpio of the Tropical Zodiac. Old time Astrologers considered it a gloomy area. In electional charts it served as a warning, foretelling of difficulty or trouble ahead. In horary, the via combusta is related to situations of fear, unpredicabilty or instability. Although the modern natal Astrology tends to avoid such fatalistic affirmations, it is still considered a hazarduous place.

The bad reputation of Via Combusta has more explanations. One of the most popular versions is, that while the luminaries are in fall on this area (Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio), the two malefics are in power. Saturn is in exaltation in Libra and Mars is both domicile and ruling the triplicity in Scorpio. Additionally there are a few malefic fixed stars on this 30 degrees stretch between 15° Libra and 15° Scorpio. The only ‘safe’ haven or ‘protected’ degrees, are the placements of two beneficial fixed stars: Spica at 23° Libra 50′ and Arcturus at 24° Libra 14′.

Venus in Scorpio : strengths and weaknesses

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio. The sign is ruled by the Pluto and it is associated with the 8th house. Some key words for Scorpio: intensity, deep emotions, passions, sensuality, strong sexual drives, obsession, deepest corners of our psyche, intuition, instincts, sensitivity, inner strength, the realms of the other world, the big cycles life and death, crises, change, transformation and regeneration, secrets, taboos, shared resources, mortgages, debts.

Venus in Scorpio is very erotic, seductive and enigmatic. She is a good secret- keeper. Due to her intuition she is able to get quickly under the surface of relationships. She is not afraid of the shady parts of human personality (including her own), so she is quite willing to explore the darkest realms of the psyche. She is an all or nothing maximalist in romantic relatinships. She wants total commitment, absolute loyality and her feelings can get obsessively intense. When emotionally involved, she is deeply attached and persistent. These traits can be great assets (especially by the side of a partner who appreciates them) but they can make her very vulnerable, too.

A healthy Scorpio Venus follows her gut instincts. She has a kind of „psychic ability” to read people and senses lies from miles away. However she submits her huntches and suspitions to a reality check before taking action. When hit, the last thing she would do is to turn her other cheek. She would rather protect herself with her sting. Some people tend to label this attitude vengefulness, but as we can see in the world of animals, it’ s just a healthy, instinctive reaction.

However an undeveloped or hurt Scorpio Venus (likewise all the planets in this sign) can be very destructive and self- destructive. Once emotionally involved she finds very difficult to detach herself. Thus she may get stuck in toxic relationships. Cheating and unreliability are the least tolerable things for her. If she is not able to step out from the disfunctional relationship, her hurt feelings will prone her to play games , to get involved in dramas, and to make scenes of jealousy. A disfunctional Scorpionic charracter is motivated rather to create/ to sustain the crisis than to solve it. The same thing applies for a hurt Scorpio Venus. She may become obsessively persistent, investigative, posessive, manipulative, bitter and cynical. In such states of mind it is easy to forget, that relationships triggering such intense negative feelings simply dont’t worth the fight for them.

The prelude

To understand the tasks and lessons of the current retrograde, we have to bear in mind that Venus entered in retrograde shadow while it transited through Libra. Both Libra and Scorpio is connected with relationships but in different ways. Libra is cerebral, objective, rational and distant, Scorpio is intuitive, subjective, emotional and intimate. Traditionally Libra is the sign of partnerships, it is light-hearted, affable, but is mostly concerned with the surface. For a Libran relationships must look good on the outside. By contrary, a Scorpio is ready to dig deep and confront the shady aspects of human interactions. Libra steps back as soon as things are getting darker and heavier. The ability to create balance and harmony is an asset, but it becomes a problem, when it turns to be a tool to avoid reality. In case of relationships (I’m talking mostly about romantic relationships, but it also applies for friendships and business – partnerships) Libra prefers to create a pleasant atmosphere and to pretend that things could not go any better, even  in spite of serious warning signs.

When Venus enteres in retrograde shadow, there is always a slight shift in the dynamics of our relationships, cashflow or other related topics. This is a hardbringer of the themes of the upcoming retrograde. Before changing sign Venus made a square with Mars in Capricorn – a challenging aspect connected with tensions in relationships, frustrations (it’ s hard to get what you are longing for), irritation, anger. (It perfected on the 8th of September at Libra -Capricorn 29°37′)

Soon after the square completed, Venus entered Scorpio and opposed Uranus. (The aspect perfected on the 11th of September) The difficult connections of the two planets are quite challenging, as Uranus brings sudden changes and thrusts us out from the comfort zone. Venus prefers stability and in the fixed sign of Scorpio she is not too happy with the changes. The opposition together with the square formed a volatile T-square. This indicated stress, unstability and shifts on the areas of life connected by it. Certainly not all the changes were bad, and even the frustrating ones may proove later opportunities in disguise. Still they made clear that things are less than perfect. (Venus in Scorpio may involve other themes related to Pluto and the 8th house as: cycles of life and death, heritage, change and transformation, our attitude towards money, joint finances, lawsuits, insurance, credit, debts, taxes, etc).

The stations and tasks of the current retrograde

Venus retrograde 2018
Nocturne by Michael Cheval, a New York artist who creates enigmatic paintings in Surrealism. Called his style ‘Absurdity’. Influenced by Old Masters of Dutch and Flemish Schools.

During the Venus retrograde transit we are to deal in one or the other way with these matters. The journey starts with a lovely Venus Neptune – trine. The aspect is not perfect, but it is strong enough to fuel our imagination. We can be more susceptible to the messages of our unconscious: dreams may become more vivid, we have hunches, premonitions, déja vu-s. However it is not easy to distinguish wish- fulfiling fantasies (or those generated by our fears, uncertainities) from genuine intuition. Neptune is prone to over – idealise and escape from the unpleasant facts, so strong reality check is recommended.

The next Venus – Mars square perfects on the 10th of October ( Scorpio – Aquarius 10°). While Scorpio is emotional, passionate, intense, instinctive, attached, intimate, Aquarius is rational, rather cold, intellectual, detached, group-oriented. The clash of the different needs, ways of expression, tempers and drives can manifest as different conflicts in relationships. Both Aquarius and Scorpio are fixed signs, so we can not expect much flexibility and willingness for compromise from any of them. Both of them can get quite obsessed about the things important for them, but in different ways, and both of them can go to extremes to defend their stands. The least what can be said about their interaction is that hotter-than-hot relationships can turn colder-than-ice in two shakes, and vice versa. However, Venus retrograde is a perfect opportunity to study our relationship patterns, especially the reoccuring motifs. So, instead of being carried away by the reflex- responses we tend to give under such circumstances it is more beneficial to adopt the more detached perspective of the observer.

The next important aspect, the conjunction of Venus – Mercury perfected on the 15th of October (Scorpio 9°) offers a good start for it. Mercury is the planet governing our intellect, minds, our way of learning and communication. The cerebral and detached planet becomes more intuitive and emotional in Scorpio. It’s troubleshooting skills are strong in this sign.Thus the meeting of Venus and Mercury can be a great opportunity to get a deeper insight, be more objective regarding our emotions, to figure out wether the ways we want to satisfy our deepest needs are effective or not, etc. This aspect is favourable for deep and intimate conversations. In the meantime extra awareness is needed : we should be careful not to fall in the traps of manipulative communication, emotional blackmail and playing games.

On the 24th of October Saturn sextiles Venus (Scorpio – Capricorn 4°29), and this aspect makes us more focused, disciplined. It is great for getting things done, regaining our stability and balance.

On the 26th of October Venus conjunts Sun on the 3°28′ Scorpio. Sun is associated with the self and its expression, our conscious ego, vitality and our creative force. The current meeting of the two planets may herald some days when many of the themes of this retrograde may be highlighted. The aspect is in effect for cca 5-6 days. The exact Sun – Venus conjunction occurs at Scorpio 3°06′, 15:05 (London, UK). This is when Venus is Cazimi (a term to describe the planet in the heart of the Sun) and this position manifests the best qualities of the planet involved. However, as the conjunction loosens up, the rays of the Sun will „combust” Venus – so its energy is weakened.

This may translate in a situation when certain emotional patterns, attitudes has to be critically examined. We understand now better the big picture, the dynamics within. Thus more effective strategies can be developed to make the necessary changes. It is very likely that some frustrations (mainly in our relationships and finances) acted as catalysts to realise: it’s time to change directions. Such shifts doesn’t occur easily, but we can rely on the stabilising influence of the Saturn sextile still in effect. The cosmic Taskmaster will give the persistence, thoroughness, patience necessary for such projects.

Important ! Although the retrograde cycles of planets have a karmic nature, and Venus retrogrades are considered periods when the „karma of the relationship” plays out, it is essential to understand that not all the so – called „karmic” relationships are destined to last. Some of them have one and only one aim: to teach us how to get out of them and how not to get involved in similar ones in the future. Clinging to a toxic relationship will make you sooner or later a toxic partner, too. Thus it will be more and more difficult to attract healthier people. Also, as I pointed on in one of my former posts, a lot of highly disfunctional relationships are labelled as „twin flame” connections. The constant emotional roller coaster generated by them as well as the obsessed search for the so called „soul mates” can be a hindrance in itself to establish healthy commitments. This can be an important lesson of the Venus retrogrades, especially of the current one.

We are two days after the full moon in Taurus, which brought into focus themes related to emotional and financial security, our needs, business and money, self-worth, sensual delights, material resources, etc. These also are important topics of the current Venus retrograde. So by now we have some ideas what has to be changed and how these adjustments should be made. During these days there are other planetary influences at play favourable to prepare the background for a positive breakthrough.

On the 31st of October Venus opposes again Uranus at 0° Scorpio – Taurus. This is a disruptive transit, associated with financial instability, breaks in romance and relationships. However, if it manifests through breaking up with old, unhealthy habits it can be a good one. Such challenging aspects between Uranus and Venus create excellent opportunities to eliberate ourselves from different forms of addictions (both emotional and chemical). This aspect will perfect again for the third and the last time on the 30th of November. By then Venus will be direct and she will reach the 29° of Libra while retrograde Uranus re-enters Aries (29°). Volatility and excitement will prevail during the whole period. This can be both exciting and unsettleing. The best thing one can do is to remain open and flexible, still avoid crazy risks.

On the same day Venus re-enters Libra. This is a significant enegry- shift. The atmosphere will ease up, especially if the biggest part of the lessons of the retrograde period were learnt. After recognising our deepest needs we are now in a better position to assert them. Hopefully by now the Scorpionic intuition, thoroughness, commitment and emotional intensity will be combined with a healthy dose of detachment and objectivity specific to Librans. We are able to identify the situations and interactions which are not good for us, and we can easier move forward instead of getting stuck in them.

The Mars – Venus trine perfected on the 9th of November (26°Libra – Aquarius) shows considerable improvements in our relationship dynamics. Maybe we succeeded to establish a healthy balance between giving and taking, getting pleased and pleasing others, commitment and freedom, giving sufficient space to the partner and still feel secure, etc. The athmosphere of our partnerships (not only romantic relationships) eases up, as we can communicate our needs and show our boundaries if necessary without dramas.

Venus turns direct on the 16th of November on the 25°14 of Libra, in the neighbourhood of the two most benevolent fixed stars of Via Combusta: Spica and Arcturus. Spica, “is a binary, brilliant flushed white star in the constellation of Virgo, marking the Ear of Wheat shown in the Virgin’s left hand. According to Ptolemy Spica (Libra 24°05) is of the nature of Venus and Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. It gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence. [Robson*, p.211.] ” Vivianne Robson writes about Spica – Venus conjunction, that the fixed star “gives benefits from friends, social success, but there is also a danger of false friends of own sex.”

Arcturus (Libra 24°29′)” is the main star of constellation Bootes (= driver of oxen) , has a Jupiter-Mars nature, and a reputation of achieving “justice through power”. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, but Alvidas substitutes Venus and Mercury conjoined. It gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages. [Robson*, p.139.]”


Source of quotes about the fixed stars : Constellations of Words

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