Tarot Readings with Astrological Background

Astrology and Tarot are parts of the Western esoteric tradition. Although they are very different methods, their combination gives a clearer picture about a person, a situation or an interaction.

Astrology shows the big picture as the natal chart can be regarded as the map of our life. It gives an insight in our personality,orientation, drive, and patterns of behavior, ways of self expression lifestyle, activity, etc. Thus a mature approach to our natal chart helps us to develop effectively our innate potentials.By understanding the blueprint of our life, we can modify a number of factors previously considered “unchangeable”, which brings significant breakthroughs and improvements.

Tarot cards work as a bridges between our conscious and unconscious knowledge. The colorful images act as mirrors reflecting things that the unconscious mind already knows and they feed this information through the conscious mind. Thus they bring to surface the contents of the subconscious, which stores the memories of the past, tendencies, potentials of the future, our hopes, fears, expectations, projections.  Tarot cards are precious tools in everyday life, whenever we need a quick and intuitive understanding of a person or a situation.

Card readings with Astrological background. A comprehensive Astrological analysis requires cca 8 -12 hours of background work. The duration of a reading following it is in minimum two hours. (Data required in minimum with 4 -5 days in advance : day, month, year, hour, minute, exact geographical location). Tarot gives relevant and practical advice regarding a particular matter within a significantly shorter interval.( Depending on the number of the questions the duration of a Tarot reading varies between 30 -60 minutes) Yet, far not as insightful as a chart reading, so this type of consultation is recommended only as a follow-up reading.

Checking out the planetary positions of the days of birth of the querents gives more accuracy to the Tarot readings in terms of time frame and understanding the personality, phase of life of the subjects of the reading. Thus I always request the birth data ( day, month, year) of the querents before I start the reading. Please send me these details in mail when you order the reading.

For instance in case of a relationship readings, the Astrological background gives important information about the compatibility or incompatibility (in terms of character, lifestyle, needs, ways of self expression) of the couple. It also tells a lot about the phase of life of the individuals. (There are Astrologically well identifiable periods of life when people tend to get involved more likely in new relationships, or by contrary, to break up than on other occasions.)

A comprehensive relationship reading can be done only by multiple Tarot spreads. They are laid following the Astrological checkout. The first one serves to get a clue about the prospects of the relationship. The second spread clarifies which adjustments re needed so that the querent handles the partner/the situation more effectively. The further readings – if needed – answer further dilemmas, such as: should the querent get involved in this relationship or not? does it make sense to stay and work on the relationship or a breakup would serve their mutual interest?In case of reconciliation should a second chance be given to the ex or not? Is there a chance to meet a more suitable person or not?