The Psychopompos and the Demon of Quicksilver

The challenging aspects Mercury forms this week indicate meaningful coincidences, breakdowns or breaktroughs in communication, weird situations, shift of views. They offer plenty of opportunities to experience trough synchronicities the archetype of Hermes as the messenger, the trickster and the psychopompos. The quality of these experiences depends on our level of awareness.

Mercury, the planet associated with thinking processes, speech, and other forms of communication, travel, and commerce conjuncts Pluto on the 24th of January then squares Uranus on the 28th. This gives opportunity to review the themes indicated by the similar hard aspects of the Capricorn New Moon (as well as the Venus – Pluto conjunction, Venus – Uranus square, Sun – Pluto conjunction, Sun- Uranus square of mid – January). The right attitude brings deeper understanding followed by the necessary adjustments and changes. The gifts of the Mercury – Jupiter sextile such as sense of humour (including self-irony), generousness, flexibility, willingness to learn eases up the process. The beneficial Jupiter – Pluto sextile is also strong.

Mercury/Hermes: messenger, trickster, psychopompos


The Mythological Mercury was the messenger of the Gods – in psychological terms the intermediator between the conscious personality and the Archetypal powers of the collective unconscious. (According to Jungian Theory, archetypes are, “Collective universal patterns or motifs which come from the collective unconscious and are the basic content of religions, mythologies, legends, and fairytales. They emerge in individuals through dreams, visions, and their effects appear in Consciousness as images and ideas” ). The Mercurial influence enables us to decypher their symbolical meaning, understand their message and adjust our conscious attitude accordingly. This is one of the ways to integrate them. Under the influence of Merycury archetypes often manifest themselves as meaningful coincidences (synchronicity). The dreams, fantasies, meetings, situations and people encountered these days may carry specific messages, so pay attention to them.

An image from the page of The Sunkeepers shared on the 22nd of January in a spiritual group (Esoteric Knowledge and Occult Science  ) was one of the remarcable synchronicities I experienced these days. (Interestingly I descovered it briefly after posting an article about the current aspects of Mercury with Pluto and Uranus on my Hungarian site)

It was a painting of Andrey Avinoff (1884-1948), the illustration he made for George V. Golokhvastoff’s poem, The Fall of Atlantis (1938) It was inspired by an Alchemist drawing representing the Demon of Quicksilver. This metal is associated with Mercury, the principle with a key role in Alchemy. As the representative of the rational mind, exchange of information, thinking processes (just to mention a few of its analogies) it is one of the personal planets of the Astrology. Needless to say, that the distorted functioning of rational mind can be demonic. ( Over -analysing, over-intellectualising as tools of repressing our healthy, instinctive reactions, avoiding to face truths, and to take the right actions, etc.)

Under the current Mercury transits we have the opportunity to experience both of these qualities

Mercury – Pluto conjunction: deeper insight or obsessive- compulsive attitude ?

Pluto is associated with the deepest layers of the collective unconscious, the underworld, radical transformations (through crises and real or symbolical forms of death.) The mythological Hermes (Mercury) could move freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. As such he was the god of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries as well as  the conductor of souls into the afterlife ( psychopompos)

Thus the meetings of Mercury and Pluto are very favourable for deeper understanding and research, approaching the unconscious. Studying our patterns of communication, relationship dynamics gives opportunity to improve our interpersonal skills. It makes also easier to identify toxic relationships, power games, the patterns of manipulation. Truths uncovered under such transits, altough sometimes difficult to be faced can set us free. The conjunction creates ideal opportunity for psychological or esotherical (Astrology, Alchemy, etc.) studies, research and investigative work.

However the challenging Pluto – Mercury aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, inconjunct, semisquare) are associated with obsessive – compulsive attitude, power games, issues of control and manipulation, paranoia. We can experience these phenomena both on individual and collective level. People may seem argumentative, trying to force their views on us (or vice versa). Communication can be difficult: push someone and you will get a pushback. We can witness different manifestations of shadow such as spreading propaganda, demagogy, projections, bullying, spying etc.

Mercury – Uranus square: the trickster at work

The trickster figure Reynard the Fox as depicted in an 1869 children’s book by Michel Rodange.

The Mercury – Uranus square prevalent during the weekend continues in one way or another the topics related to the Mercury – Pluto conjunction. (The Pluto – Uranus square of the previous years, associated with dramatic shifts and transformations is not exact any more but it is still strong. As a messenger, the fast-moving Mercury intermediates the energy between the two planets, amplifying the power of the square.)

Uranus in Astrology is associated with rebels, revolts, innovations, breakthroughs, aspirations for freedom and originality, individualism, shifts of consciousness, the unpredictable, the surprising.  Astrology regards it as the higher form of manifestation of Mercury. The hard aspects of the two planets bring forth the trickster aspect of the Mercury.

This is not always bad, as a sudden shift in our views may teach us to be more open, more flexible, not to take ourselves that seriously any more. This can bring fresh approaches, sudden breakthroughs, especially if we were clinging to things or persons not serving our progress any more. If we used the Mercury – Pluto conjunction to make a deep and intense research, take a break, investigate our motivations and priorities, the following Mercury – Uranus square will enable us to change directions. Althought well prepared, such breakups with the improductive routines and relationships may seem sudden for an outsider. Still they are one of the best case scenarios resulting from these alignments.

However it is vital to acknowledge that the challenging Uranus transits are charracterised by volatility. They indicate erratic changes, tense atmosphere, different forms of irritaions, divided attention, difficulty to concentrate, impatience, revolts for the sake of revolts. All these may bring unnecessary arguments, temper – tantrums, sudden breakups, rushed decisions. The hard aspects of Uranus and Mercury are associated with the breakdown of electrical equipment (especially the tools of communication – computers, phones) or means of transport. It is also important to mention that the challenging aspects of Mercury, Uranus and Pluto also indicate accidents, so extra caution is recommended.



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