The Tarot About the Libra New Moon

The Next Step

The guidelines of the Tarot regarding the „next steps” indicated by the new moon in Libra. I’ve been using this very effective four card Tarot spread for more 14 years. It gives useful insights regarding the priorities of the 28 days of the lunar cycle started with the new moon.(This time on the 19th of October). New moons are favourable for new beginnings, while full moons are culminantion points of the lunar cycle. At full moons the results of the processes started at new moons are emerging. The next full moon occurs on the 4th of November, while the new moon of the 18th of November marks the beginning new lunar cycle.

1. Current situation : The Star

This is quite a positive card, indicating regained hope and motivation, positive mental attitude, faith in the future, optimism. The past few weeks provided good opportunities for launching different projects. This was not always easy, but if you focused on the really important stuff and avoided time wasting activities, made genuine efforts, you progressed. If you did so, it is likely that you are in better position now than some months ago. The recent conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio – still feelable during the new moon, enables you to combine logic with intuition. You pay attention simultaneously to the big picture and to small details. Your gut – feelings will put you on the right track. The coming conjunction between Sun and Jupiter on the 26th of October gives further incentives.

2. This is not important : The Hierophant

Generally the Hierophant is regarded as a positive card. However it has its downsides too. In negative connotation it can indicate that the widely accepted belief systems of the society, group identity, too much of conformism, orthodoxy, hypocrisy may isolate you from your inner thruths as well as from authentic spiritual experiences. Many people get stuck simply because they lost contact with their inner voice. Thus instead of following their bliss they become everybody’s pleasers, pay too much importance to the apperance and end up in unhealthy compromises. Such traps can be interpreted as the downsides of the Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. Some of them describe Libran attitudes,too.

3. You should focus on this : The High Priestess

The High Priestess represents the creative forces of the subconscious, the wisdom of the guts, the feminin side of the psyche. Unlike the active, initiating Magician, the High Priestess is passive. She is waiting patiently, understanding the possibilities and lets things ripe. In this position the card suggests that instead of focusing on the outer world, access your subconscious. By opening yourself to the dreams and imagination, you will get guidance from within. By finding your still center your blocks will gradually disappear.You will find the answers you are looking for and you will start progressing conform your needs. Certainly in the same time you need to remain grounded. Studying psychology and traditional esotherical disciplines as Astrology and Tarot will help you find the terminology necessary to understand and express your inner experiences. This will enable you to help yourself and others, too. Such studies are in perfect line with the Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio. They also will help you to get tuned on the energy of the powerful Jupiter – Neptune trine. ( This aspect will be exact for the first time in November, but will prevail in the first 9 months of 2018.) You may want to contact a spiritual advisor to boost up this process.

4. Possible outcome : Two of Wands

Depending on different schools of Tarot interpretation, the Two Of Wands carries different meanings. In the system I use it shows that the situation is still open, and the outcome depends on your awareness and free will. (Certainly this also applies in other cases, but in the present situation you are much more in charge for the positive or the negative outcome.

At its worst the Two of Wands represents apathy, lack of interest, loss of energy, unability (or reluctance) to make a decision. This may also be scenario, as the lunar cycle started on the 19th is charracterised by unperdictability, sudden events, erratic changes. Things can easily skip under control taking unforeseen turns. The Mars ingress in Libra on the 22nd of October indicates passivity, compromise, difficulty to assert yourself.

However this is not necessary to happen. Since the circumstances are still changeable, it’s better not to take action yet. Patience, withdrawing from involvement, allowing events to proceed without your intervention, while working quietly behind the curtains on your dreams will open new doors. As I wrote in my previous post: sheer positive thinking, visualising the best outcomes are not enough in themselves. If you want tangible results you need to make genuine efforts and take practical steps. By doing so there is a good potential to achieve your goals.


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