Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon of the 28th June occurs at 06°27′ of Capricorn. In Astrology full moons signify the end of a 28 days’ cycle started at the previous new moon, respectively that of the 13th of June. They are also culmination points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging. The current full moon has a heavy tone as it makes a tight conjunction with its ruler, Saturn in Capricorn.

Among other things Moon represents in Astrology the unconscious, the emotions (and the way you deal with them), the imagination, intuition, moods, sensitivity, instincts, deepest needs, concepts of security, habits, gut -reactions. It is associated with the past, the mother, family, childhood, home. Saturn, also known as the Lord of Karma or the Taskmaster is about boundaries, tangible results, discipline, limitations, responsibilities and endings. While Saturn is at home in Capricorn, this stern sign is not the best place for manifesting the emotional, intuitive, nourishing lunar qualities.

full moon in Capricorn, 28th June 2018, London 5:52 am

Thus a Moon – Saturn conjunction can make you vulnerable to depression, gloom, hardships and pessimism. With or without a reason, you may feel rejected, guilty about the past, overwhelmed with duties and tasks. Due to the opposition between the Sun in Cancer and planets in Capricorn, swings of moods, clashes with authority figures are also possible. While Cancer is associated with the IVth house of home and family, Capricorn, the natural ruler of the Xth house is about career, vocation. Thus this challenging aspect also suggest issues related to the „career versus home” dilemma. Memories of a traumatic past ( especially from your childhood, problems related mainly to the mother) may also raise. However, don’t forget that due to the Saturnic impact, the situations you encounter may seem worse than they actually are.

Additionally Mars started his retrograde cycle on the 26th of June. It will turn direct on the 27th of August. The retrograde periods of Mars require a lot of patience. While the planet of assertivity and war wants to move forward quickly, the weeks ahead are rather about reconsidering, reflecting, redoing, readjusting.

Some soul – searching will enable you to learn from your mistakes and realise the importance of some adjustments and changes in your attitude (emotional, intellectual and practical), daily routines, etc. Thankfully Moon and Saturn makes a trine with Uranus in Taurus – indicating a strong urge to break free from the unfavourable circumstances. New approaches, creative solutions can give a healthy outlet to the Saturnic pressure. The earth trine and the sign of Taurus gives Uranus groundedness, patience and discipline. Thus the impulsive reactions are replaced by elaborated, practical strategies. Timing, considering the longer term implications are additional benefits.

Thus this full moon can give you the final push to get rid of intoxicating habits and relationships, to find or to create for yourself a healthier environment, more favourable for your growth and progress.