Volatile Weekend Ahead

Self-assertive attitude, fight for freedom or uncontrolled temper-tantrums ?

The Mars (Libra) – Uranus (Aries) opposition becomes exact on the 1st of December. This volatile transit is associated with sudden and unexpected events (very often related to partnerships and associations), temper tantrums, separations, accidents. The aspect is activated two days earlier, on the 29th of November, by the Eris, Moon, Uranus conjunction in Aries.

The events triggered by the current Mars – Uranus opposition are related to those ones marked by the Mars – Pluto square of mid-November. (That aspect was stong in the Scorpio new moon chart of the 18th November. New moons mark the beginnings of 28 day cycles). Mars – Pluto squares are associated with violence, power-struggles, bullies and other issues of control and psychological warfare. They can mean blocked energy, different sorts of inhibition. The opposition between Mars and Uranus may promt you to fight back from your freedom, eliberate yourself from restricting relationships and circumstances. Such attitude sometimes is totally justified, but it can also manifest as an urge to shake off all of your responsibilities and obligations. The resentment and frustration cumulated (especially during the Mars – Pluto square) may lead to outbursts of anger. Since this transit is reactive and disruptive, you can give exaggerated responses to provocations.

Moon in Aries, Eris, Uranus conjunction : the wild card

The combination of the hypersensitive Moon, discontented Eris and the unpredictable Uranus in the sign of the adrenaline junkie Aries adds more fuel on the fire. This conjunction is a wild card . At its best the stress and volatility indicated by it will promote self assertive attitude and new approach allowing you to face succesfully the challenges. This will bring later positive changes in your life.

Traditional Astrology doesn’t attribute any importance to asteroids and dwarf planets. However in the current situation Eris adds important details to the picture. Thus it worths to write a few words about it. The dwarf planet Eris was discovered in 2005. Initially it was named Xena, after the popular TV -hero, the warrior princess. Its name was changed later changed to Eris (Discordia). The daughter of Nyx, the godess of the dark night and the sister of the warrior god Mars was the godess of discord and strife in Greco – Roman mythology. As such she was equally unpopular among gods and humans. The attempt to ignore her lead ultimately to the Trojan War.

However Eris belongs to the powerful archetype of the warrior godesses and represents the self – assertive part of the psyche. Its position in the birth chart shows the areas of life where you feel ignored, disregarded, where you experience that you are left out from the pleasures and goodies others enjoy. Certainly this stirrs up the strong feelings of anger, envy and resentment. Embittered, the owner of the chart will get involved in fights, but he/she will be more interested in seeing you lose than in the victory itself.

A positively placed Eris will never do so. The dwarf planet is strong in Aries, so her warrior energy will play out in a healthy way, promting a self-assertive attitude and competitive spirit. Thus the owner of the chart will stick to the rules of the fair play even during a fight. By proving her best skills she will get those things she is longing for.

The Eris – Moon conjunction in Aries opens such opportunities. In the meantime both planets are conjuncting Uranus, and this strong aspect brings to surface again the themes of 2016 – first half of 2017, when Eris simultaneously conjuncted Uranus, squared Pluto and opposed Jupiter. Although dwarf planets are not major influencers, her impact amplified the challenges of the cardinal T square. This meant different things in everybody’s chart, but there was a common trait: the sudden, unpredictable events indicated by it were very challenging and stressful. However, they compelled the individuals affected to take the right actions, thus transforming their lives for better.

How to make the most of the current transit ?

If you want to handle properly this transit you need to understand, that the anger, resentment and willingness to fight symbolised by the Moon – Eris conjunction in Aries is righteous. However, blind destructiveness, ruthlessness, revengefulness and blaming the world for your problems is not an option. You don’t need to pretend as if accepting your helplessness at the hands of fate were your only alternative, either. The healthy way to work with it is to take action, to pick up courage to face the challenges enabling you to make significant improvements.

However, as Mars, the ruler of the Moon and Eris is in its detrimental sign in Libra, this is not the right time for action. It is very likely that you are not sufficiently prepared yet for the confrontation, and you are still missing the tools and opportunities necessary to make the next steps. Thus some soul-searching, planning, strategy- developing is still needed. Learning new skills, paying attention to the details, rethinking, redoing or making some smaller adjustments are also adviseable.Things will change in your favour from the 7th of December, when Mars will ingress Scorpio, his home-sign. More opportunities will open after the 22th of December, after the end of the retrograde phase of Mercury. Thus from the first days of 2018 you can move forward smoothlier.


The illustration is a painting of Lionel-Noël Royer (December 25, 1852 – 30 June 1926)