Full Moon in Aquarius – 2019

The full moon of the 15th of August occurred on the 22°of Aquarius. Every full moon is a culmination point when the results of the processes started on the previous new moon are emerging. The Leo new moon of the 1st of August heralded some changes in your love life, finacials, ways of self -expression, creativity. Now it’s time to estimate whether you are on the right track.

An Aquarius Moon is focused on the collective, friends, groups, hopes and wishes. It is detached, cerebral and it needs space. Leo is about individuality, passion, creative self-expression. It is egocentric and it is focused on its own needs. Apart of the Sun – Moon opposition (this is what is called full Moon) the Moon in Aquarius also opposes Venus and Mars in Leo, there may be a conflict between your individual needs and the expectations of certain groups. (Friends, different associations, society, etc). Our rational considerations may also fight with your emotions and passions.

Full Moon in Aquarius, the 15th of August 2019, London, UK, 01: 29 pm

The battle is likely to be won by the stronger planets: while the Moon is weak in Aquarius, the Sun is in its home sign in Leo. Mars also feels great in the fiery Leo. Sun tightly conjuncts Venus : their cazimi, the exact conjunction occurred on the previous day. As short as it is (it lasts only several hours), a Sun – Venus cazimi is a great opportunity to focus on those things what you truly value in your life. Simultaneously it is a time to estimate whether your current choices, lifestyle is in line with your deepest desires. If not, it is high time to makes some adjustments so that you can attract in your life what you are longing for.

Due to the challenging aspects of the full moon chart, the necessary changes may involve some fights. Mars in Leo opposes Aquarius Moon, indicating a clash between the piping hot and the ice cold. For creative self-assertion you have to give up your neutral position and make choices in line with your desires. While it is not advisable to hurt others’ feelings, sometimes it is necessary to promote vigorously your interests. During the current full moon endings are likely, too. This is not bad at all, as far as you can step out from situations and relationships where you cannot be fully yourself. There are certain circumstances which don’t nourish your creative self, spontaneous manifestations so they prevent you from fully exploring your potentials. It’s high time to leave them behind !

A Mercury – Uranus square which will perfect on the next day – is also strong in the full moon chart. This is an explosive mix soliciting for changes. It is also associated with unexpected twists and turns. However, acting on blind impulses is to be avoided.

As the inconjuncts between Pluto in Capricorn and Sun/Venus in Leo indicate, you must sync your emotional needs with practical realities. (The inconjuncts these planets made with Saturn on the 8th and 9th of August, emphasizes more this message). As the nature of the aspects of 150° indicates, adjustments take longer time than you would like, and they involve patience, hard work and irritations. Self control, timing, wise strategies will prevent you from throwing out the baby with the water.