Full Moon in Aries 2018

The full moon of the 25th of September (in the United States on the 24th) occured at the 1°59′ of Aries. As a full moon after the autumn equinox is a harvest moon, as well as the culmination point of the processes started at the new moon of the 9th of September. The effect of the full moon last for two weeks, until the next new moon (8th of October).

The exact time of the full moon was the 25th of September 02:52 am Universal Time , in London, UK 25th of September 25, 3:52 am, in the USA 24th of September 10:52 pm New York, 9: 52 pm Los Angeles, etc. According to the old saying, „we reap as we sow”, and full moons are associated with the results of the previous lunation cycles. Apart of the previous lunation started on the 9th of September, the current harvest full moon is a great opportunity to estimate what we achieved, where we reached since the spring equinox (maybe check the post about the New Moon in Aries 2018). We can also evaluate which resources will nourish us during the coming months and which tasks are still to be completed until the winter solistice.

Full Moon in Aries
full moon in Aries, 25th of September, 2018, 03:52 London, UK

The dominant element of the chart is a cardinal T-square between the full moon and Saturn. A T square is a quite a stressful formation, connecting three planets (one of the components can be a chart angle, too). Typically they represent conflicting needs, drives and orientations, tending to pull us in different directions. Balancing them requires permanent efforts and mindfulness. The situations and interactions represented by the T- squares create a lot of frustration and friction. They push us out from the comfort zone, and the events related to them need to be handled as soon as possible. Cardinal T-squares are the most dynamic type of these formations. A T- square in natal chart represents a conflict which can be solved only temporarily and requres lifelong awareness and efforts. The impact of the T – squares created between transiting planets is of much shorter duration. In spite of the stress and pressure involved the succesful answers given to the challenges represented by a T- square will take us to the next level. Properly handled T -squares may become very effective tools both on our spiritual path and worldly achievements.

In one way or another a full moon in Aries emphasises the need to create balance between following our individual path, focusing on our own needs and trying to compromise with the priorities’ of our partners. (These can be relationships and associations of different nature.) Aries is an individualist full of spirit of initiation, passionate, quick tempered, confrontative, dynamic, instinctive, intuitive, while Libra is a team-player, with a rather mild temper, a peace maker with a rational/intellectual approach, more willing to compromise. The conflict between the principle of Aries and Libra may be about dilemmas related to independence vs belonging to a person, to a group, etc, following our own bliss or remaining a people pleaser, being a team player or a lonley achiever, facing the challenges, taking risks or prefering security, etc.

Venus, the ruler of Libra (Sun, Mercury) is in its detrimental sign, Scorpio, and will go retrograde on the 5th of October. Venus is in retrograde shadow since the 3rd of September. This can put more emphasis on the Venus – related topics ( love -relationships, self-esteem, value – system, security, financials, resources, etc). Retrograde cycles of the planets are about slowdowns, re-evaluations, making adjustments and they have a karmic nature. After the blockages and snail-pace of the summer (we had all in all six retrograde planets), I’m sure, it’s not the best news to hear about a new period of delays, but it’s better to get prepaired for it. Mars, the ruler of the Aries moon is in Aquarius. Its square with Uranus perfected for the 3rd time on the 19th of September emphasises the Aquarian needs for freedom, detachment, individualism. Under this influence it is harder to compromise, the athmosphere is full of impatience and hot -headednes. Quite understandable after the forced rest of the summer. However it seems that there are still lessons to be learnt, patterns to be understood, changes to be made before we can move ahead with full speed.

Saturn is the apex planet of the T-square and as such requires particular attention. The apex planet gives the key how to handle most effectively the themes of the T-Square. Saturn is strong in Capricorn, and demands patience, discipline, timing, organising skills, boundaries, tangible results. The ways Saturn reminds us that there are tasks to be done and adjustments to be made are not always pleasant. The Cosmic Taskmaster operates through creating pressure, blocks, slowdowns and different types of frustrations. This experience may create anxiety, we may feel stuck, rejected and depressed. However, facing the Saturnic challenges is the key of lasting results and longer term success.

The current full moon may direct our attention to the areas of lifes where we need more freedom, more space to express our individuality, we should create or find more opportunities to follow our bliss. These changes are particularily important, if we got stuck in an unsatisfying relationship, toxic working place, we invest more in a partnership than we receive. The message comes through a frustration / loss/ hindrance, etc. However, it is important to aknowledge that all the required changes have a price. We have to take in consideration the needs, feelings and priorities of the other’s. Even if we must move on from certain relationships and situations, well planed startegy takes us farther than burning up the bridges. Certainly there are toxic compromises, and surpressing our individuality, living much below our standards and potentials can harm even our physical health. Making the necessary changes is an imperative must under such circumstances. However acting on impulses, triggering conflicts which we are unprepared to handle effectively, creating unnecessary dramas, wasting our resurces is equally harmful.

Finding the right attitude, building up the bridge on which we can safely walk through towards our next destination takes time. (Bytheway, we will have enough time to reflect, redo, re-evaluate, rethink our priorities during Venus retrograde. This will be followed immediately by the retrograde period of Mercury, but that will be an other post 🙂 ) Win Saturn’s sympathy by perfecting your skills, making efforts, producing tangible results, showing your persistence, perseverence and patience even under limiting circumstances.

Thankfully, unlike the challenging aspects, the trine between the Aquarius Mars – Sun and Mercury in Libra may help us to find creative ways to achive our individual goals while remaining cooperative with others. We can find people sharing similar goals and values with us, and we can count on their support. The Pluto – Jupiter sextile perfected for the third time on the 14th September is still potent enough to allow successful breakthroghs. Saturn trines Uranus, so the necessary changes don’t have to be dramatic. There is enough time to build the new elements into the existing structures, breaking free of restrictions, leaving behind the toxic habits and relationships without causing unhandleable stress in our lives.