Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – 2019

The full moon of the 16th of July occurs at 24°04′ of Capricorn. It is also a potent partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are wild cards, bringing profound changes and transformations. It cannot be seen in the US, but it will be visible in Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia.

We are in the eclipse season, started on the 2nd of July with a new moon and a total solar eclipse in Cancer. The current full moon is the corresponding partial lunar eclipse. Actually the eclipses highlighting the signs of Cancer and Capricorn begun in July 2018 and they will last until the summer of 2020.

The sign of Cancer is associated with our roots, families, homes, family dynamics, security needs, mother – child relationships, memories. The sign of Capricorn is related toy our vocation, status, social roles, control, reputation, worldly achievements, orientation. Certainly these are only a few of the general themes of the signs. Apart of them, the eclipses will bring changes, endings and beginnings on the areas of life (houses) where they fall on your chart.

Full moon and partial Lunar eclipse in Capricorn, the 16th of July 2019, UK, London 10:38 pm

As a new moon, a solar eclipse is associated with beginnings, while a lunar eclipse, a full moon is a culmination point associated with endings. Certainly these closures will open new doors for growth in the future, so they are necessary, even if sometimes uncomfortable.

As eclipses occur close to the lunar nodes, they have a karmic nature. In case of the current lunar eclipse this quality is even more emphasized, as the ruler of the Capricorn Moon is Saturn, also known as the Lord of Karma. Additionally Saturn is retrograde and conjuncts the South Node, related to the past – including outworn habits, attitudes and patterns. The Saturn – Pluto conjunction – an emblematic aspect of 2019 is also on effect. The eclipses of 2019 – 2020 occurring on the Cancer – Capricorn axis activate its themes. As Leslie Hale puts it:

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is not easy to understand as Pluto deals with that which is deeply hidden, and Saturn relates to structures, time and limitations. When combined with Pluto, Saturn becomes very demanding and many things must be transformed during this period. Saturn-Pluto will test things in our lives for resilience just as earthquake will tests a building’s structure. A building that is structurally sound is much more likely to withstand the earthquake but a house built of cards will be eliminated. We are being put in a position to defend our positions on many matters that can include work, relationships, financial preparedness, and other areas of our lives. On a larger scale, society itself is being tested, and that which is not working will be eliminated altogether or transformed into something different”.

Lunar eclipses generally tend to purge and release things from our lives that no longer serve our higher selves. The presence of Saturn indicates that during the 5 months indicated by the eclipse (it lasts 5 hours which means that its effects will be felt for 5 months) there excellent opportunities will emerge to burn old karma and eliberate ourselves from certain karmic bonds.

The luminaries make tight aspects with Pluto (there is a Moon – Pluto conjunction and a Sun Pluto opposition). The Lord of the Underworld also has a karmic nature. The changes and transformations associated with Pluto can be dramatic; growth is catalyzed by crisis and endings. Certainly, the less we cling on those things, relationships and situations which must be purged from our lives the smoother the transition will be.

Capricorn, the sign where the eclipse occurs indicates that we will have to release some outgrown social roles, structures, working patterns, unsustainable directions. Certainly, depending on the house where the eclipse falls, there can be other themes involved. People having personal planets, angles and points at approximately 19 to 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will be influenced most significantly.

The changes generated by the eclipses may be inconvenient, confusing, sometimes too sudden and too dramatic. However they always sync us to a life path that is more aligned with our true selves. Later we realize that they were disguised blessings. The recommended attitude is in line with the old Zen saying “Whatever comes, accept it, whatever goes, let it go! That is all.”