Health, lifestyle

The personal horoscope also gives valuable information on the inner and outer circumstances needed for the client to maintain his/her psychological and physical health. It shows warning signs that one might not (yet) be aware of at a given time regarding health issues and tendencies to develop certain diseases and disorders.

The birth chart reveals how close the native’s relationship is with his/her body and physiological functions. Some people feel it in their bones if a situation, a person, or a certain food has a good or a bad impact on them. Others are not even aware of such apparently trivial issues as to whether they are really hungry or thirsty when they eat or drink, or is their consumption motivated by other factors, like lack of love, procrastination, feeling of guilt, etc. Therefore, in cases of eating disorders or obesity, help is available for finding the right diet, combined with physical exercises and lifestyle adjustments tailored to the client’s character.

Chart analysis also helps identify the hidden roots of various types of addiction. In the case of smoking, for instance, it will enable us to distinguish whether it is a suppressed aggression, a yearning for freedom or love, or simply a form of rebellion that stands behind the compulsive attitude. Similarly, in cases of other addictive substances (like alcohol, drugs, foods, sweets), activities (gambling, shopping), human relationships and the like, an analysis gives relevant information about the needs and motives behind. Thus, even if the native cannot fully escape the physical/psychological effort and sacrifice that the treatment might require, valuable guidelines can be given about the healthier directions in which these energies can be directed in the future.