The Benefits of an In -Depth Astrological Reading

The natal chart can be regarded as the map of our life. It gives an insight in our personality,orientation, drive, and patterns of behaviour, ways of self expression lifestyle, activity, etc. Thus a mature approach to our natal chart helps us to develope effectively our innate potentials.By understanding the blueprint of our life, we can modify a number of factors previously considered “unchangeable”, which brings significant breakthroughs and improvements.

A Map of Our Life

Much like our fingerprints or DNA, our energies and the lines of our destiny are also arranged in specific patterns that can identify us. Similarly, the approximately 100 000 dreams we have during our lifetime also form a certain pattern in our subconscious, which is unique to each of us individually.

It is therefore a good starting point to regard our birth chart as the map of our life.

Strengths and Weaknesses

A birth chart helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses, the successful areas of our lives and those in which we regularly face difficulties. It shows our abilities that we can confidently rely on, or those, which we can adapt to various circumstances as we go along. It also identifies the energy resources that we can easily get support from, and – painful as it may be – the conditions we must learn to live with.

Orientation, Life Patterns

The birth chart reveals the directions of our vital energies, our motivations and drives, irrespective of our upbringing, or sometimes in direct contrast with it. It shows the most appropriate way of life, everyday routine that fits us so we can fulfill our destiny .

Like a train fixed on its tracks, we are also restricted to these energy patterns, but we still have some leeway to move freely within certain limits and make many choices during our journey. We must fulfil our destiny, but the quality in which we do it is not all the same. This is the real aim of astrological counselling and that’s why it is much more than a mere lecture about our patterns of fate.

Conscious Destiny

While even the ancient Greeks were aware that one trying to run away from his destiny falls into the trap of his fate, there is a big difference between agreeing to fulfil it consciously, or behaving like helpless victims dragged behind against our will.

Some very common – though somewhat extreme – examples mention two people with similar personality structures and character traits, but one becoming a psychologist and the other a psychiatry patient. Also, the psychic structure of a member of the Special Forces regularly risking his life to save someone else’s might have more in common with a psychopathic murderer than it may first seem.

So things are modifiable within certain limits. If we understand our patterns of life, we can modify a significant number of factors previously considered unchangeable – and this indeed enables us to avoid many mishaps or even tragedies.

Unexplored Potentials

The undiscovered creative potentials as well as those not taken seriously enough can cause awkward symptoms. They can generate serious problems especially during the critical times mentioned above. Then, under their impact the individual tend to act like a child with a growing tooth.

Or, very likely they work as a real curse during our everyday life creating steadily reoccurring problems. In such cases we find ourselves again and again in the same vicious circle, as if there would be something within us that completely ignores our endeavour, our good will, common sense, social rules, and instead follows its own way. Or, to be more precise, it flows in the direction of lesser resistance.

These unrecognised potentials can cause lingering states of lacking energy, depression, resignation, blockages, as the futile fight against them withdraws focus and energy from other fields of life.

Our birth chart reveals not only the possible existence of such resources, but it also shows where to look for them, and in what area of our life can we make the best use of them. It also shows the potential problems caused by ignoring them.

Love life; Relationships

This field of life is one of the most popular topics of astrological analysis. It stands in the focus of attention either because an existing relationship might have become troublesome, or the client suffers from isolation. What may also happen is that she/he might have never experienced loneliness, but steadily bumps into the same types of difficult partners.

“Who fits me after all? When am I going to find Mr/Ms Right?” is often the client’s bitter question. While methods do exist in astrology for forecasting – more or less precisely – the periods that are more favourable for new relationships than others, or periods prone for hardship within a relationship, it is worth considering some other points before we get into anything else. Namely:

  • “What kind of a partner are you?”
  • “What could be the incompatible element?”
  • “What kind of relationship patterns have you developed?”

Only after these questions have been analysed can we move on to the subsequent tasks of:

  • Comparing partner charts (Sinastry)
  • Defining the right partner