In -depth natal chart analysis

Although Tarot readings are very helpful whenever you need a quick and intuitive understanding of a person or a situation, only a comprehensive Astrological reading can show the big picture. The natal chart can be regarded as the map of our life. It gives an insight in our personality,orientation, drive, and patterns of behaviour, ways of self expression lifestyle, activity, etc. Thus a mature approach to our natal chart helps us to develope effectively our innate potentials.By understanding the blueprint of our life, we can modify a number of factors previously considered “unchangeable”, which brings significant breakthroughs and improvements. (See: How can an In-Depth Astrological Reading Help You?  )

A comprehensive Astrological analysis requires cca 6 -8 hours of background work. The duration of a reading following it is in minimum two hours. (Data required in minimum with 4 -5 days in advance: day, month, year, hour, minute, exact geographical location). I prefer a client centred approach, where dialogue, feedbacks, relevant questions emerge during the consultation. Thus I restrict my sessions to personal meetings and I do not offer written chart interpretations. You can certainly record our discussion or take notes. If necessary, I can also offer a list of reading material tailored to my client’s needs in order to acquire a deeper understanding of the situation, or I can recommend various methods and places for therapy or life coaching techniques.

What the consultation does and does not offer:

Although Astrology can give a substantially broader insight than those mentioned in the pharagraphs above, this app. 2 hour session is not a therapy and it is not meant to replace any other treatment or techniques that might be necessary. (Still, it can help judge the situation if the client needs such help or could benefit from it.)

The consultation also doesn’t disclose the tricks of the trade and cannot spare that hard, very often painful inner work necessary for long lasting improvement in one’s life. It can, however, give practical guidance as well as pointers for getting started on the path of problem solving.

Perhaps we have not even been aware that besides common decision making processes – aided by consultation – one might need other aids such as therapy or meditation and relaxation techniques in order to coordinate the inner energy processes. Other activities – such as yoga or various schools of martial arts, dancing, a new diet, etc – could also make huge differences.

Certainly, such changes take a lot of time and energy and there are no magic bullets or magicians that will do the job for us, it is mostly up to us to first acquire the understanding and then make a serious effort to improve our lives.


2 – 2,5 h : 100 USD



To book a reading please contact me first on

The readings are done via skype (katalin.kiss0401), in a form of a personal conversation. In case of Astro -Tarot consultations email-readings are also possible. Feel free to ask questions before the readings.

Payments are accepted via PayPal, WU or via bank transfer.



I am not a qualified medical, legal or financial professional. An Astrological reading is no substitute for competent medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric care. It cannot provide you with diagnosis or treatment. However if accompanied by the services from the appropriate professionals, it can help you to get a deeper understanding of the problems. Thus you will work simultaneously on two levels. On the external level you ‘ll need to take practical steps to fix the immediate issue. On the internal level you will make efforts to recognize the pattern within and to adjust your attitudes which on a long term will improve significantly the quality of your life.

I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading if I feel appropriate.