New Moon in Leo – 2019

The new moon of the 1th of August occurs at the 8°36 of Leo. New moons mark the beginning of a 28 day cycle and they are also favorable for fresh starts, especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart. Creative self-expression, entertainment, love, children, education, hobbies, enterprises are ruled by Leo, so the current lunation brings in focus these themes. As the first new moon after the eclipse season it is particularly significant.

After the stressful previous two months (the cardinal oppositions of June and July, solar and lunar eclipses of July), this is a quite a welcome change. However, extremes should be avoided. It is not a smooth shift as in the new moon chart the luminaries and Venus make squares with Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and unpredictability. Thus even the happy breakthroughs and new beginnings indicated by the new moon may involve some fireworks and dramatic endings.

Leo is a fire sign, passionate – sometimes dramatic, creative, optimistic and ego-centric. Sun is the principle of consciousness, vitality, creativity, the Moon is related to our unconscious life, emotions, gut reactions, security needs, while Venus is the indicator of our ways of relating, partnerships, value system, finances. Uranus is a disruptive and erratic energy, bringing unforeseen twists and turns. Moon and Venus are emotional planets, preferring intimacy and security, while Uranus is cerebral, detached and always thirsty for excitement and new impulses, so this can be an unsettling transit. The individualistic Sun is not getting along too well with the collective Uranian energy either.

New Moon in Leo – 1st of August 2019, London, UK, 04:11 am

Nevertheless the so – called challenging Uranus transits can also catalyze very positive transformations, if they they break the bad patterns and prompt healthy changes of direction. Leaving the comfort zone is usually accompanied by uncertainty and fear, but sometimes when you need to abandon the known evil for better alternatives, it is an absolute must. For instance, the planets in Leo (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars) can give such a healthy boost to your self-esteem, that you are no longer willing to tolerate derogatory situations. You may want to unfold more effectively your potential and creativity, you may want more excitement, more stimulating environment, etc. And if you had any doubts before, by now you are fully aware that you deserve the good things life can deliver. So, if the necessary adjustments require to step out from an unsatisfactory relationship, working place, friendship, community, etc, now you are more willing to do it than generally.

Some of these decisions may seem unexpected, but during the previous two months there were enough opportunities to examine the pros and cons. Mercury turns stationary direct 45 minutes after the new moon, so things will gradually speed up. (Life will return to its normal pace only after the 16th of August, when it leaves the retrograde shadow zone, but even before it will be easier to move forward). If you prefer stability so much that you are not ready to step out from outgrown situations, you may experience the disruptions through other persons. Breakups, losses of work and other dramatic changes in  the status quo may seem incidents occurring against your will, but they are exactly the „kicks of fate” you need to make the necessary adjustments in line with your current phase of growth.

However, hasty decisions should be avoided as they may have serious implications. The changes Uranus is calling for should be well – thought and grounded. This planet is not particularly concerned about the practical reality. So thoughtless steps can have severe consequences, and you have to live with them after the transit is gone. Irresponsible love affairs, overspending, unthought investments, gambling, impulsiveness, unnecessarily provocative behavior, recklessness may become sources of later problems.

Certainly, healthy risks are recommended. The planets transiting Leo will trine Jupiter in the near future: the creativity, shine, confidence of Leo will be supported by the Greater Benefic. (The Mars – Jupiter trine perfected on the 26th of July is the first in the row, and it is still on effect in the new moon chart. The Sun/Venus – Jupiter trine will be perfected on the 7th-8th of August).So this new moon is the right time for new starts, as self-doubt, timidity or hesitancy is defeated by enthusiasm, inspiration, spirit of initiative and luck. Your desire for more pleasure and more satisfaction can be great motivators.

However, due to the inconjuncts and Yod aspect patterns the planets in Leo will make with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces during the coming weeks, hard work, perseverance and practical mentality is needed to make the most of this lunation. The way you use the opportunities and sources emerging during these weeks will make the difference between success and failure. The influence of Neptune (and its square to Jupiter – a dominant aspect of 2019) will prompt you for daydreaming, getting lost in wishful thinking, illusions and self delusion. This impact makes easy to confuse priorities and waste your resources. In contrast, meeting Saturn’s and Pluto’s high standards and demands is the way you create a stable background for lasting progress.


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