New Moon in Libra – 2018

Relationships under scurtiny

The New Moon of the 9th of October ( 8th in the USA) occurs at the 15°47′ of Libra. New moons mark the beginnig of a new 28 day cycle, and the air sign of Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, beauty, fairness, and balance. While new moons are favourable for fresh starts, especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart, Venus, the ruler of the sign is retrograde. Thus the current lunation is more about the tasks and themes related to the retrograde phase : reviewing, revisiting, remodelling, regrouping, redoing.

Venus, the ruler of the new moon is in its detrimental sign, Scorpio, and it is retrograde since the 5th of October. (See the general traits of Venus retrogrades and the ones specific to the current cycle in my former posts).This puts more emphasis on the Venus – related topics ( romantic relationships and other forms of partnerships, self-esteem, value – system, security, financials, resources, etc). Scorpio and Libra approach these themes in a very different way (see more in Venus Retrograde through Scorpio and Libra 2018). Retrograde cycles of the planets are about slowdowns, re-evaluations, making adjustments and they have a karmic nature.

new moon in Libra, 9th October 2018, London – UK, 04:46 am

The challenging aspects of the new moon with Neptune and Pluto indicate that the revisions, readjustmets typical to Venus retrogrades are generated by frustrations (mainly related to our relationships and finances). Although sometimes very painful, they act as catalysts to realise: it’s time to change directions. This is how we will start to approach the old matters from a new perspective. On a long term by completing successfully this task we will be able to establish better relationships, to assert more effectively our needs, to find our balance, to leave a healthier and happier life.

Among other things the Moon represents in Astrology the unconscious, the emotions (and the way we deal with them), imagination, intuition, moods, sensitivity, instincts, daily routines, the mother, elderly woman etc). Moon – Pluto squares can be very dramatic, as they create emotional roller coasters, over-reactions. In spite of the pressure they exert, they make difficult to express these feelings.There is also a tendency to over-analyse the emotions, while the obsessive -compulsive approach blocks in itself the relevant conclusions. It is hard to ditinguish the voice of intuition from paranoid thoughts. The accumulated pressure may lead to stormy emotional outburst as well as to violent confrontations. Jealousy, power-games, emotional blackmail may also be an issue.

Possible reasons of the crisis

Pluto, is the planet of the deepest layers of the unconscious, instincts, transformation, crises, survival, death, regeneration and power. In Capricorn it is ruled by Saturn, the Taskmaster, demandig practical attitude, persistence, commitment, tangible results. Pluto (especially in Capricorn) is compelling to face the facts as they are. It wants us to identify what is blocking and what is nourishing our progress, to face the truths which cannot be hidden any more, to get access through crises and transformation to our inner resources.The solution of a Plutonian crisis requires a total elimination of the toxic habits, behaviours, relationships and circumstances leading to it. Or, if possible they should be radically transformed to healthier ones.

However as discussed in the previous article about Venus retrograde 2018, confrontation and facing uncomfortable truths is not Libra’s stregth. This amiable and diplomatic sign is prone to sweep under the carpet whatever it is unpleasant. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio is known for exposing taboo themes, the hidden truths. While Libra is about beautifying, Pluto  is compelling to face the facts as they are. Even if they are very ugly. Libra is about compromising, struggling to find the middle way, while uncompromising Pluto carries things to the extremes. While Libran language is diplomatic, sometimes sugar -coated, Pluto’s /Scorpio’s way of expression is brutally direct. It is intense – sometimes ruthless, overwhelming and right on the spot. This is one of the reasons why this new moon is so harsh.

Venus, the ruler of the new moon is also challenged by Mars in Aquarius. You can find more details about this square in the post about the Venus retrograde in Scorpio. Briefly, this is a repeating aspect ( it perfected at the 8th of September and it will be exact again on the 10th of October), and it will highlight again the topics related to the previous one. While Scorpio is emotional, passionate, intense, instinctive, attached, intimate, Aquarius is rational, rather cold, intellectual, detached, group-oriented. The clash of the different needs, ways of expression, tempers and drives can manifest as relationship – conflicts. (Not only romantic relationships, friendships, business – partnerships and other types of associations can be involved).

But retrograde cycles of planets are not the best time for taking action. They are much more about reaccessing, revising, rethinking, (re)learning the lessons. Thus the current Venus retrograde is a perfect opportunity to study our relationship patterns, especially the reoccuring motifs. So, instead of being carried away by the reflex- responses we tend to give under such circumstances it is more beneficial to adopt the more detached perspective of the observer.

Best best ways to ease the pressure: 

  • an honest soulsearching
  • facing facts as they are
  • coming to relevant conclusions
  • preparing the ground to take the necessary steps when the retrograde is over 

Worst case scenarios

However the New Moon makes an inconjunct to Neptune. This 150° aspect is not easy to be handled as it demands an adjustment between two, unrelated energies. Yet there are some common traits between Libra and Pisces. Over-idealising, beautifying the less than beautiful facts, escapism, over -indulgence are their shady common features. Thus over -eating, over – drinking, over – socialising can be common ways to try to shake off the uncomfortable Plutonian truths. Certainly such „emergency-exits” will lead nowhere. They can even worsen the situation – escalating the crisis to a level where no longer can be denied. ( Physical illness, accidents, financial loss, dramatic conflicts, etc.) Such impasses will force us to make the necessary changes.

Best case scenarios

Certainly there are much better ways to experience this new moon. Detoxifying our mind and body will reduce in itself the intensity of dramas. Meditation, Yoga, cleansing cures based on fruits, vegetables (both as juices without sweeteners or as independent meals), medical herb teas will clean our energy channels. (The nine – day Navaratri festival, dedicated to the Indian Godess Durga can be an inspiring model for this even for those who don’t practice Hinduism. The current festival is held between 9- 18th of October )

Thus our perception will clean up, too. Properly used, the trine between Venus and Neptune will improve our intuition. The inconjunct between Neptune and the new moon can be highly deceptive and self deceptive – for instance it will prone us to project the image of the „dream lover”, „twin-flame”, „soul mate” even on a highly disfunctional relationship. By contrary, Venus in Scorpio ruled by Pluto has X ray- eyes and a sixth sense, so is able to perceive how this partnership really is. The Neptunian impact will amplify its „psychic” qualities. Creative activity (especially painting, drawing), writing down our dreams, working with their pictures will stimulate this proces. Along the line we will become more and more aware of our deepest needs. We will develop better stategies to get what we are longing for and to keep away those people and interactions which are not good for us.

Certainly, this process of inner and outer detoxification required by the new moon includes significant shadow-work. Pluto has a strong connection to the shadow and projections. As the ruler of the VIIth house of partnerships and associates, Libra is one of the signs most prone for projections. The withdrawal of our projections is an integral part of healing and regeneration. So before we start looking for the speck in our partners’ and associates’ eyes, is highly recommended to deal with the logs in our own eyes. Stopping the blame game and investigating our own responsibility is essential for any further progress. This attitude is more effective now than joining the outer battlefield. Evoking the victory of Durga Maa over the evil Mahishasura  will help us to defeat our own demons grown out of our projections, reality denials and self – intoxicating habits.

Although weakening, the trine between Mars in Aquarius and the New Moon in Libra may help us to adopt a more detached perspective. While taking seriously our intuitions, gut instincts and strong emotional reactions we will use effectively our intellect to truly understand the situation. We will understand that things are still changeable, we have a strong impact on the way they will play finally out and it still too early to jump to conclusions. We will find creative ways to satisfy our deepest needs, to achive our individual goals. Still we will remain cooperative with others, and we will find friends and supporters sharing similar goals and values with us.


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