Digging Deep for the Truth

Pluto direct, Mercury – Pluto Square, Sun – Pluto square, Venus retrograde

To some extent October is about the relationships. It is about their re-evaluation, re-acession, transformation, about understanding the dynamics behind. Our deepest emotional and security needs are also scrutinised. The month started with a heavy tone. Pluto turned stationary direct on the 1st of October at 18°45 of Capricorn. Its square with Mercury has perfected on the same day. The topics represented by this challenging aspect will be highlighted during the upcoming Sun- Pluto square. (Don’t forget that Mercury associated with thinking processes, exchanges of information also is the messenger of gods. The Sun is the principle of the consciousness, the ego and that of the higher Self)

These two squares have a particular importance, as Venus is the ruler of Libra (Mercury transits through this time) while Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio (the current position of Venus). Venus will retrograde through these two signs between the 5th of October – 16th November. (See detailed coverage of the journey here). Thus the hard aspect of Mercury and Pluto, as well as the building up Sun – Pluto square will bring to surface topics related to upcoming current retrograde.)

Pluto, the planet of the deepest layers of the unconscious, instincts, transformation, crises, death, regeneration and power went retrograde on the the 22nd of April, at the 21° of the sign.

Pluto in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Taskmaster, demandig practical attitude, persistence, commitment, tangible results. Retrograde periods of the Pluto are about intense inner work, about digging deeper, exploring, what is blocking and what is nourishing our progress, facing facts which cannot be hidden any more, getting access through crisis and transformation to our inner resources. When the Lord of the Underworld turns direct, it’s time to apply in practice what we learn’t during the inner journey, so that we can regain the control over our lives.

As discussed in the previous article about Venus retrograde through Scorpio and Libra, confrontation and facing uncomfortable truths is not Libra’s stregth. This amiable and diplomatic sign is prone to sweep under the carpet whatever it is unpleasant. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio is known for exposing taboo themes, the hidden thruths. While Libra is about beautifying, Pluto (especially in Capricorn) is compelling to face the facts as they are. Libra is about compromising, struggling to find the middle way, while uncompromising Pluto carries things till the extremes. While Libran language is diplomatic, sometimes sugar -coated, Pluto’s /Scorpio’s way of expression is brutally direct. It is intense – sometimes ruthless, overwhelming and right on the spot.

The square between Pluto and Mercury is a powerful transit, intensified now by the change of direction of Pluto. This aspect demands to dig deep under the surface, to reach the bottom of certain situations or interactions. This act requires simultaneously intuition, focus and sharp analytical skills. However there is a danger to get obsessed with the topic. Power struggles, heated disputes, bullying are also typical to this aspect.

So this transit creates good opportunity to face the shady aspects of our relationships (not only the romantic ones). Certainly, Pluto is about our shadow and projections. So before we start looking for the speck in our partners’ and associates’ eyes, is highly recommended to deal with the logs in our own eyes. Stopping the blame game and investigating our own responsibility is essential for any further progress.

Yet, facing something we don’t like doesn’t mean that we can start dealing immediately with it.

First of all these days are not very suitable for clarifying delicate issues. People can be very opinionated and prone to impose their will on us or vice versa. Secondly this is only the beginnig of the journey: during Venus’ retrograde we will still descover further aspects of the truth. No matter how pressurising certain matters or situations may seem now, this is definitely not the time to jump to conclusions either.

We can make the most of these challenging transits if we distance ourselves from the battelfield. We have to use our intellect, our anyalytical and investigative skills, as well as our intuition and gut instincts to truly understand the situation. Relationship – dynamics has to be studied in depth (as well as our role we play in them).

Certainly in spite of all the cautions and awareness, discussing delicate topics may be unavoidable during this weeks. In this case do not forget: even the ugly truths can be delivered in a socially acceptable way, so that instead of killing they should heal.


Image:  Initiatic Well, Regaleira Estate, Sintra, Portugal



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