Love life; Relationships


This field of life is one of the most popular topics of astrological analysis. It stands in the focus of attention either because an existing relationship might have become troublesome, or the client suffers from isolation. What may also happen is that she/he might have never experienced loneliness, but steadily bumps into the same types of difficult partners.

“Who fits me after all? When am I going to find Mr/Ms Right?” is often the client’s bitter question. While methods do exist in astrology for forecasting – more or less precisely – the periods that are more favourable for new relationships than others, or periods prone for hardship within a relationship, it is worth considering some other points before we get into anything else. Namely:

  • “What kind of a partner are you?”
  • “What could be the incompatible element?”
  • “What kind of relationship patterns have you developed?”

Only after these questions have been analysed can we move on to the subsequent tasks of:

  • Comparing partner charts (Sinastry)
  • Defining the right partner


Finding a Happy-Enough Relationship with the Help of the Astrology

I don ‘t deny the existence of the soul-mates and twin flames. However, the current trends of spirituality overemphasize their importance. This, at a given moment becomes an obstacle in itself in establishing healthy relationships, as it sets Everest -sized expectations in all of us when we are looking for eligible partners. (Click for further details)