Planetary influences: 9th – 14th of May 2019

Transformations will bring new growth and stability

The first half of May is a good time for well thought out changes in the areas of your life that are no longer working. However, gratification doesn’t come right away. It is a long process and it will require conscious efforts, patience and willingness to start from the bottom and to make some sacrifices.The 9th of May is a particularly significant day, when some planetary aspects related to these changes perfect and speed up the process of transformation. These cosmic influences will be active during the whole week

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A Day of Great Intensity: the 18th of January, 2019

Three planetary aspects ( Sun square Uranus, Venus trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Pluto) perfecting on the 18th of January will make it a very intense day. The complicated combination of these very different celestial effects can manifest in either way. Your level of awareness, the choices made by free will will make the difference between the best – and worst case scenarios. Some of these aspects will be a part of the lunar eclipse chart of the 21th of January, thus they’ll have a longer term impact.

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Sun – Venus Conjunction in Scorpio

The Sun – Venus conjunction perfects on the 26th of October, at Scorpio 3°06′. Sun is the principle of consciousness, vitality, creativity and – besides Saturn – one of the indicators of our main tasks. Any conjunction between the Sun and other planets will highlight the tasks related to that particular cosmic principle. Consecuently the current Sun – Venus meeting will put in focus the themes related to the retrograde journey of Venus through Scorpio.

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