A Day of Great Intensity: the 18th of January, 2019

Three planetary aspects ( Sun square Uranus, Venus trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Pluto) perfecting on the 18th of January will make it a very intense day. The complicated combination of these very different celestial effects can manifest in either way. Your level of awareness, the choices made by free will will make the difference between the best – and worst case scenarios. Some of these aspects will be a part of the lunar eclipse chart of the 21th of January, thus they’ll have a longer term impact.

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Venus Retrograde through Scorpio and Libra – 2018

Wandering on a fiery road

Venus stations retrograde this year on the 5th of October and turns direct on the 16th of November. Her journey through Scorpio and Libra brings energy shifts and tasks in line with the charracter of the two signs. Certainly the way you’ll experience the retrograde depends on the areas of life the transit influences in your birth chart, your awareness as well as on your decisions made by your free will. Still there are some general traits and patterns….

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