New Moon in Taurus triggers the Saturn – Uranus Square

The new moon of the 22nd (United States, Canada)/23rd of April (Europe, Australia) occurs at the 3°24′ of Taurus. The sign rules finances, values, security, food, posessions, comfort, sensual pleasures, so the current lunation brings in focus these themes. As the new moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Saturn it also triggers the Saturn – Uranus square, an aspect associated with upheavals, sudden economical and social changes.

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New Moon in Gemini – 2019

The Gemini new moon of the 3rd of June, occurred on the 12°31′ marks a period of transition, centered around the specialties of the sign: gathering, exchanging, categorizing information. It also activates the mutable T-squares of June, so during the 28 days of the current lunation there are a lot of promises, choice points and crossroads. However circumstances are so changeable, that makes hard to make decisions. Making a difference between real opportunities and mirages is also a challenge.

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