New Moon in Pisces 2018

The new moon of the 17th of March occurs on 27° Pisces, at 1:11 pm (London). New moons mark the beginnings of new 28 day cycles but they can signify longer term processes, too. During the current lunation the quest for new paths is likely to be generated by some pressure, frustration. Still the changes you make will serve your long term benefit. Thus you will leave behind gradually the role of the victim and become the hero of your own story.

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The Tarot About the New Moon in Aquarius

The „Next Step” Spread

The guidelines of the Tarot regarding the „next step” indicated by the new moon in Aquarius. This four card spread gives useful insights regarding the priorities of the 28 days of the lunation started with the new moon of the15th February  2018 . Generally speaking, new moons are favourable for new beginnings, while full moons are culminantion points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging. The next full moon occurs on the 1st of March, while the new moon of the 17th of March marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

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How did I benefit from Astrology?

I was attracted to the world of mistery, dreams, mythology and tales since my early childhood. However I didn’t want to become a spiritual advisor. I started studying Astrology, Tarot and Jungian Psychology in my early twenties to find answers to my own questions.  I completed a four-year program of Baktay Ervin Institute of Astrology , Budapest) and graduated as an astrologer in 1997. By the end of my studies, I realised that it was one of the best investments of my life. 

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