Evaluations, adjustments, transformations and growth

The second week of May is shaped by a complex interplay of some significant planetary influences. It is time to think about our relationship – patterns, value system, our ideas about security, stability. Making the necessary evaluations and adjustments will bring new growth and happiness.

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How to Handle Your Karmic Relationships ?

 Challenging aspects between Venus (our emotional and security needs, the way we show our affection, self esteem) and Saturn (limits, restrictions, responsibility, obligations, the Lord of Karma) or Pluto ( the Lord of the Underworld, crises, transformation, death and rebirth) are often associated with so – called „karmic relationships.” However, people interested in self – development paths tend to label any, too intense and difficult relationship „karmic”. They often think this is something they should work through. This is not always the case….

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Are You a Good Catch Yourself ?

With more than 25 years of experience with Tarot and Astrology behind I’m quite familial with the question: „Will I start a new relationship soon?” Many people want nothing less than a perfect relationship, (see related article: Finding a Happy-Enough Relationship) but they are very surprised when I return the question: „Are you a perfect partner yourself?”

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Finding a Happy-Enough Relationship

I don ‘t deny the existence of the soul-mates and twin flames. However, the current trends of spirituality overemphasize their importance. This, at a given moment becomes an obstacle in itself in establishing healthy relationships, as it sets Everest -sized expectations in all of us when we are looking for eligible partners.

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