New Moon in Taurus triggers the Saturn – Uranus Square

The new moon of the 22nd (United States, Canada)/23rd of April (Europe, Australia) occurs at the 3°24′ of Taurus. The sign rules finances, values, security, food, posessions, comfort, sensual pleasures, so the current lunation brings in focus these themes. As the new moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Saturn it also triggers the Saturn – Uranus square, an aspect associated with upheavals, sudden economical and social changes.

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Uranus in Taurus (6.03.2019 – 26.04.2026)

The most important Astrological event of 2019 occured on the 6th of March: Uranus re-entered Taurus. Uranus spends in a sign cca 7 years, so this is a significant shift. Between the 16th of May – 6th of November 2018 when it visited briefly Taurus, we got some impressions about the atmosphere of this transit. Uranus is the planet of unpredictable changes and disruptions while Taurus is a slow, peaceful and security orientated Earth – sign : least to be said, the energy of the two cosmic principles don’t blend very well.

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