Full Moon in Gemini – 2018

The Full Moon of the 23th November occurs at 0°51′ of Gemini (in London: the 23rd of November, 5 :39 am, in New York : the 23rd of November, 0: 39 am). In Astrology full moons signify the end of a 28 days’ cycle started at the previous new moon, respectively that of the 7th of November. They are also culmination points, where the results of the processes started during the previous lunar cycle are emerging.

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Volatile Weekend Ahead

Self-assertive attitude, fight for freedom or uncontrolled temper-tantrums ?

The Mars (Libra) – Uranus (Aries) opposition becomes exact on the 1st of December. This volatile transit is associated with sudden and unexpected events (very often related to partnerships and associations), temper tantrums, separations, accidents. The aspect is activated two days earlier, on the 29th of November, by the Eris, Moon, Uranus conjunction in Aries.

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