Gemini Season Swept In

Sun and Mercury changed sign on the 21th of May 2019, marking the beginning of Gemini season. After the fixed, earthy, sensual Taurean vibe this is a significant energy shift. Gemini is a mutable air sign, associated with transitions and changes. Compared to Taurus, it is more cerebral, lighter and more diffuse.

Taurus was focused on our physical and security needs, concerned with putting our plans into a solid structure and achieving tangible results. Gemini season is a period of transition, centered around the specialties of the sign: communication and exchange of information. Social contacts and intellectual pursuits will be more important now than the solid practicalities of life.

The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental activity, communication, travel, commerce. It is a transmitter and a receiver of information and knowledge. While both Sun ( the 21st of May- 21st of June) and Mercury (the 21th of May- 3rd of June) are in Gemini, the energy of the sign is very strong. Mercury in its home sign stimulates mental processes, thus this transit makes easier to articulate words, sharpen your mental focus, and collect and analyze your thoughts and information.

Upsides and downsides

This period can be great for starting new studies (courses of foreign languages, marketing, tourism, journalism are recommended), re-branding your image, networking, traveling, contacting your acquaintances, making new friends, socializing, launching advertising campaigns, etc. During the coming weeks we will be more focused in finding kindred spirits, looking for people open to our ideas or whose skills can complement our own.

Such traits as curiosity, openness to new experiences, open- mindedness, sense of humor, a playful approach, flexibility, the ability to understand the duality of all situations may prove particularly helpful. A stimulating environment will be more favorable for processing the information than a monotonous one.

However there are some less desirable qualities of the sign you must be aware of. While the outgoing Gemini understands the power of social networking, there is a fine line between curiosity and indiscrecy, between the urge for sharing the information and gossiping. Gemini is easy to be distracted; superficiality and lack of persistence may also be an issue. With strong Gemini influence there is an unmistakable nervous energy – which must be channeled in the right way, or it may lead to restlessness, irritability and bouncing between topics, plans and social engagements.

Mercurius, the divine trickster, juggler, shape -shifter

Too much open- mindedness combined with the willingness to start arguments just for arguments’ sake may prone us to play the devil’s advocate. Let’s not forget about the shape-shifting quality of the sign either: while it is always good to examine things and situations from different perspectives, double-talk or two-facedness should be avoided.

Gemini as well as Mercury, the ruler of the sign has a dual nature. The antique god Hermes  (Greeks) / Mercurius ( Romans) was the emissary and messenger of the gods, the deity of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries, but also “the divine trickster.”  He was the patron of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages, communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, merchants, travelers, herdsmen, as well as the thieves’. He outwits other gods or humans for his own satisfaction by applying trickery, lies, different forms of distortions and manipulations. He can use these methods to help his protegees, illuminating new information and alternative paths, but he can also lead them horribly astray.

Instead of making choices explore the possibilities !

Gemini season is the season of duality and fast-moving information. Situations may quickly morph into each other, people around us may change easily their minds, but our own plans, moods, motivations and perspectives may alter equally quickly. Restlessness, „meaningful coincidences” (synchronicity ), unpredictability are some other typical features of the periods ruled by the cosmic trickster.

This year these tendencies will be more emphasized, as both Mercury and the Sun will make a mutable T-square with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune is Pisces. The square between Mercury and Neptune will perfect on the 29th of May (Gemini – Pisces 18°), followed by a Mercury – Jupiter Rx opposition (Gemini – Sagittarius 20°). The themes of the mutable T- square will continue in June, when the Sun will replace Mercury. (Sun – square Neptune: 9th of June, Gemini – Pisces 18° ; Sun – Jupiter Rx opposition : 10th of June, Gemini – Sagittarius 19°) .

Due to these challenging formations we will have to deal with a significant amount of half- truths or insufficient information during the coming weeks. Things can be blown out of proportion. We can miss important details for the sake of the big picture or vice versa: we can’t see the wood for the trees. Ideologies and beliefs versus facts and logic, opinionatedness, impatience, gossiping, loosing our focus, wishful thinking, different forms of escapism, illusions, delusions may distort our perspective. So this is definitely not the best time to jump to final conclusions and to make decisions. Collecting raw data (which you will analyze later), exchanging ideas and exploring possibilities will help you to navigate successfully through the current Gemini season. Still you can enjoy the social interactions and have fun.


Sun in Gemini – major aspects of the transit

May 21st: conjunction with Mercury (0°)

June 3rd: New Moon (12° Gemini)

June 9th: square Neptune in Pisces (18°)

June 10th: inconjunct Saturn Rx in Capricorn (19°)

June 10th: opposite Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius (19°)

June 13th: inconjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn ( 22°)

June 17th: Full Moon (25° Sagittarius)

June 21st: Cancer ingress


Mercury in Gemini – major aspects of the transit

May 21st: conjunction with the Sun (0°)

May 29th: square Neptune in Pisces (18˘)

May 30th: inconjunct Saturn Rx in Capricorn (19°)

May 30th: opposite Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius (20°)

May 31st: inconjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn ( 22°)

Jun 4th: Cancer ingress



Mutable T-Squares: end of spring- beginning of summer 2019